Marrakech Cafe Revisited

My brother has never had Moroccan food before and I knew just the place to take him to: Marrakech Cafe. They have had a lunch buffet for years that allowed new people to the genre a chance to sample a variety of foods. The best part is the buffet was served cafeteria style, so we swung by for lunch.

6527 E 21st St. N
Wichita, KS 67208

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Upon arriving, they had their buffet stations torn down. As we approached the hostess, we were asked to take two menus with us. Oh well, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to order something off the menu.

After browsing through, we eventually decided on the Halal Lamb Kasbah which was slow cooked lamb shank with their house spices over Basmati rice topped with parsley, grilled onion and roasted almonds. We also ordered the Halal Golden Raisins Chicken Tagine which was chicken tenderloin with raisins cooked in saffron sauce and topped with roasted almonds and drizzled with sesame seeds. It was served with a side of rice.

The lamb shank was a thing of beauty. There was a decent amount of meat on the bone. It was really tender and delicious. There was a huge bed of Basmati rice sitting underneath and I really loved whatever sauce that was drizzled over it.

What we loved even more was the tagine dish. There was a sweet bite to the sauce which was followed by a subtle saffron aftertaste. I wanted to grab the bowl and slurp all the broth away. Once the saffron sauce was scooped up with the chicken swimming in the bowl and combined with the accompanying rice, it was truly magical.

During our lunch, I overheard someone else ordering a buffet and they were brought out items from the back kitchen. Come to find out, they did still offer a buffet despite us being told to grab menus before we grabbed a table. Even though we enjoyed our food it was disappointing to hear as that was the whole point of us stopping by and would have been a better deal for us instead of ordering from the menu.

The bad news didn’t deter us though from enjoying our meal though. Although we would have much preferred the buffet since things like lamb was on it, our meals were delicious. Only other note was service was a little on the slow side but not so much that it ruined the experience.

I’d definitely go back for more tagine offerings.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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