Mexican sushi comes to Wichita courtesy of Sushi camaroncito loco

I’ve seen pictures of it all over Facebook and finally jumped on the bandwagon of Mexican sushi. A home-based delivery business called Sushi camaroncito loco started earlier this year fusing the Asian delicacy of sushi with a Mexican twist.

Their menu consists of 2 or 3 items depending on how you look at it. There are two cooked and deep-fried sushi rolls. There is a carne asada roll with rice, seaweed, cucumber, cream cheese, and avocado. And the other is a seafood roll with shrimp. Then there’s technically a third roll that combines both the seafood and the carne asada. The rolls are $13 a piece or you can get a family pack that consists of all three rolls for $35. Delivery is included in the price. I also received two free cans of pop with my order!!! WINNING!

Orders can be made by placing them through their Facebook page. They took a break from taking orders but recently started back up again. For now, they just take orders on the weekend.

Here were the three rolls from Sushi camaroncito loco:

They also came with a few dipping sauces:

The individual pieces of sushi were big. After 9 or so pieces, I started to get full. So I took a break to write this blog hoping that like many Asian dishes, I’d be hungry again in 20 minutes. *Fingers Crossed*

I’m not sure which one I liked most; they were all fantastic and really delicious. I’d take a bite of the carne asada, loved how tender and well-seasoned the meat was. Then I’d dip into the seafood and thought that was my favorite. It was a back and forth debate in my mind.

There was a subtle sushi aftertaste likely because of the seaweed but you could tell it wasn’t your typical Japanese dish. But all that didn’t matter, the beauty of food is there doesn’t have to be rules and standards by which you have to eat by.

I love trying different foods and this certainly fit the bill. I’ll be ordering from them again in the future!

But for now, I’m hungry again so back to dinner.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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