Quick review of Hana hibachi in Augusta, KS

While I’m checking out many of the food trucks in Wichita, I figured why not give some love to some trucks outside of town. One of my Wichita area visits brought me to Augusta, KS where I got to try Hana, a Japanese hibachi grill food truck. I love hibachi food so this one was right up my alley.

Cash/Card Accepted

While I would have loved to order a bunch of food to get a full look at their menu, time and appetite constraints left me for just one meal. It had to be a hibachi dish.

My go-to hibachi dish always includes scallops. I went with that but asked if I could add in steak for additional cost to which they obliged.

What’s nice was each person who ordered food was given a little pager. When your food was ready, it buzzed. My order took roughly 15 minutes on a weekday evening.

I received a big heaping pile of fried rice. It was also accompanied by their signature Yum-Yum sauce which is a mayonnaise/ketchup combination often times with other seasonings and ingredients. I’m not too big of a Yum-Yum fan but used some soy sauce on my dish.

The rice was pretty good and probably similar to an Emperor’s in Wichita. I really loved the scallops. They had a nice charred aftertaste to it which I enjoyed and lacked the fishiness some places have. The only bad part about my dish was the steak; it was very tough and chewy.

But as far as hibachi meals go, it was about on par with many of the fast-casual spots in Wichita. I’m not sure if there are other hibachi options in Augusta, KS. If this is the only one, I’d recommend it. It’s not the best hibachi I’ve had but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. I could definitely get down on some of their hibachi scallops again in the future.

Here’s the menu:

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