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With the summer still upon us, I’ve been trying to visit many of the food trucks that are relatively new to Wichita. One of them I’ve seen advertised around is Snack Shack. It’s a mobile trailer that specializes in BBQ. I saw them parked out at a small little food truck event recently and stopped on by.


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When I arrived I asked for suggestions on what to order. They told me they had some breakfast burritos and their Big Porkin sandwich were popular that day. So, I went with what they recommended.

My two sides were beans and a bag of chips.

The Big Porkin sandwich had everything in it with pork and hot links. The bun was perfect for the sandwich and kept it all intact even with the BBQ sauce drenched on. It was a hefty and heavy meal which about made me tap out half of the way through. There was sooooo much meat inside. The hot link had a nice bit of heat to it and the pork was pretty delicious.

Unfortunately, the breakfast burritos were a bit underwhelming. They were a little dried out. I was hoping it’d come with a side of salsa or even BBQ sauce which could have helped out. It was alright though as by the time I got to the burritos my stomach barely had any room for more food.

It was a quick little stop to a new food truck I haven’t been to. While one of the items I had was disappointing, the Big Porkin’ sandwich more than made up for it. It’s not often I order BBQ sandwiches but the guy running the truck led me down the right direction with it. I’d definitely order it again.

Here’s the menu:

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