Subway’s new BBQ Rib sandwich review

Last month Subway launched a new sandwich nationwide, the BBQ Rib sandwich. It’s no secret I’m an avid lover of the McRib. So, when this came out, friends were quick to get my thoughts on Subway’s competitor in sub form.

The new BBQ Rib sandwich features rib-shaped pork patties topped with sweet BBQ sauce, lettuce, onions, and pickles on your choice of bread. Italian bread is what it comes with by default. It was priced at $5.99 but that price can vary by location. I ordered it via the Subway app and was able to take advantage of their 2 for $10 special.

At first glance, the pork patties looked similar to the patties you’d find in a McRib or a Banquet meal.  It may have been slightly thinner but it’s been close to a year since I last had a McRib.

From a texture perspective, it was exactly what you’d find in any pork patty in a grocery store or fast food restaurant. It had that soft and partially spongy texture with a bit of char around the edges. I’m not sure if it was real char or if someone took a black marker and outlined the edges.

But how did it taste? Subway’s BBQ rib sandwich was drizzled in a very sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. There was a much lighter coating than what one would find in McDonald’s McRib. Subway’s sauce had a strong tangy aftertaste that didn’t sit too well for my taste buds but you could easily feel differently about it. I much preferred the sauce found in the McRib and even the microwaveable Banquet meals.

I wasn’t exactly fond of Subway’s bread. On past occasions, it just hasn’t felt soft and fresh. There was a harder rubbery feel to the bread; keep in mind my sandwich wasn’t toasted. On the scale of bread at sub and sandwich shops, Subway has been towards the bottom for me.

At $5, the price point was good. I felt full upon finishing my sandwich.

It was a decent effort by Subway but for me, it failed in comparison to the competition. If you have a case of FOMO in trying random new foods from restaurants, you’re not missing out on much here.

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