Tasty House Revisited

It’s been a few years since I last had dinner at Tasty House. For those of you who have never heard of them, it’s a Chinese restaurant that opened back in 2016 by the owners of the former Yen Ching that used to be on north Rock Road. I consider Tasty House to be a reboot of the old restaurant. The menu features many old favorites from Yen Ching. I decided now was a good a time as ever to revisit the restaurant in northeast Wichita.

2431 N Greenwich Rd
Wichita, KS 67226

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 8:30pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

Dine-in was an available option on our visit so we opted to eat our dinner there.

We ordered the chicken katsu along with my favorite two dishes there, the house Kalbi short ribs and their signature hot & sour soup. It did not bother me that the weather was approaching 100 degrees. I can eat hot & sour soup during all seasons.

For fans of hot & sour soup, Tasty House has one of the best in town. During my latest stop, I loved how sour it was with a tiny kick of heat towards the end. In the past, I always ordered two bowls of it. This time I lucked out and they accidentally had an extra bowl they brought to our table. It felt like I had just won $20 on a scratch ticket. Score!

Not long after, the rest of our meals came out.

Starting off with the chicken katsu, it came with a side salad which neither of us were too wild about. The dressing tasted a bit watered down and bland. We could have easily done without it. As for the actual chicken, it tasted just like a chicken nugget; right down to the texture. There was a soft breading around it with tender chicken underneath. We weren’t exactly blown away or really upset by the meal. It was more of a “meh” feeling. The same went for the fried rice. We’ve definitely had better in town at Chinese restaurants.

What did score a big W though was the short ribs. They were marinated in a Korean BBQ sauce and grilled. These were insanely delicious. I should have taken a better picture as the ribs were piled pretty high. Some short ribs had juicy tender slivers of fat on them which I thoroughly enjoyed and others had big delicious pieces of meat that I enjoyed even more. The sauce was the perfect combination of sweet and savory all in one. There was no shortage of sauce stuck on to the short ribs. It was embarrassing how quickly I went through my dinner.

To be completely honest, when I used to frequent Tasty House a lot there were some dishes I disliked when I ventured out more on the menu but that could go with many restaurants. Fortunately, I found two dishes I really enjoyed and will likely stick with those two on every visit to Tasty House.

Aside from all of that, I’ve never once had an issue with the service at Tasty House. They’ve always been very accommodating. While I believe there are better Chinese options out there which I have frequented more often, that wouldn’t prevent me from returning here. If I was in the area and craving Chinese food, I’d stop by again for the short ribs and soup.

Here’s their menu:

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