Tortilleria Los III Potrillos Review

While up north, I decided to swing by Tortilleria Los III Potrillos. They are a jack of all trades when it comes to food. It’s a bakery, a mini little restaurant and a convenience store all in one.

318 W 29th St. N
Wichita, KS 67204

Monday – Wednesday: 6am – 8pm
Closed on Thursday
Friday: 6am – 8pm
Saturday: 6am – 6pm
Sunday: 6am – 5pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Upon walking in, the first thing you’ll see are displays set up for Mexican pastries and desserts. There’s a huge variety of things to choose from. If you aren’t in the mood for that, they also have a ton of fresh tortillas available for purchase.

But if you’re looking for a full meal, there’s also a little restaurant at the west end of the building. They serve all sorts of things like lonches, tacos, wraps, nachos, quesadillas and more. On the weekends, there is an expanded menu that includes pozole, tamales, soft tacos and other assorted items.

Unfortunately, my stop took place during the week. Items I wanted to order like burritos and gorditas were already premade and sitting in a heated station.

I picked up a few burritos and gorditas to go. I went with the pollo con papas y chile verde burrito, gorditas de picadillo verde, chicharron en chile verde, and gorditas de mole de pollo. The menu didn’t have prices so for reference everything I ordered was $2.50 a piece.

The chicharron en chile verde burrito was hands down my favorite. I loved the fatty tender texture of the chicharron mixed in with the chile verde sauce. It’s my favorite combination when it comes to burrito stuffings. Aside from that, I really enjoyed everything brought home. There was no shortage of meat inside each gordita and burrito and the price point was great.

I’ll have to return soon on the weekend to try their expanded menu.

Here’s their menu:

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