My niece introduced me to the latest sensation found in the frozen food section. This time it was at Sam’s Club and it’s a mashup of Totino’s and Takis. They are poppable rolls that feature mozzarella-like filling and coated in a bright-red hot chili pepper and lime seasoning that found on Takis. It’s essentially a pizza roll but with Takis seasoning.

At $7.98 for a bag of 140, they… are… awesome!

I put roughly half the bag in the oven for roughly 13 minutes and ate a majority of them by myself. Once I put one in my mouth, I was anxiously awaiting the next one.

Everybody in the house tried one, and they definitely have a bit of heat to them. It was too much for some of the kids but for me, I kept wanting more and more. It’s the type of heat that kicks that back of your throat but gently goes away and has a cheesy, limey aftertaste.

The only bad part about them is it’ll stain your fingers.

Right now I’ve only seen them at Sam’s Club but after looking at the Dillons app, it looks like you can get a 60ct bag for $4.29 in the frozen food section. Personally, I would splurge the extra $3 if you have a Sam’s membership and get the 140ct bag.

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