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AVI Seabar

Some friends wanted to meet for lunch. While thinking of ideas centrally located, I decided that we should all meet at AVI | Seabar & Chophouse. It’s probably been 8–9 years since I last ate there. That last visit wasn’t the most ideal experience, but enough time has passed that it was time to revisit and see what AVI was all about.

135 N Waco Ave
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: 11am – 9:30pm


Cash/Card Accepted

To begin our lunch, the four of us started off with crab cakes. It was served with a spicy roasted tomato-garlic aioli that added a nice flavorful zesty kick to it. It was a great compliment to the sweetness of the crab cake. All of us really enjoyed it, especially one of my friends, who is a huge crab cake fan.

For lunch, two of us ordered the California Cobb salad, another had the fish tacos and I went with the pasta primavera with lobster.

Everything was enormous for lunch portions, and nobody left hungry. Two of my friends had no problem with their California Cobb, noting it was perfect for their diet.

The fish tacos were stuffed with a mix of Mahi, halibut and swordfish. She not only loved how fresh everything was, but the grilled basil cream corn was off the charts. I tried a small spoonful of it and was quite impressed. I truly love when restaurants go above and beyond on something as simple as corn.

To round it out, my pasta primavera with lobster was also another winner of a dish. The bowl had everything going on with shallots, mushrooms, bell peppers, asparagus, broccoli, olive oil, and a numerous amount of lobster spread throughout. It wasn’t overly saucy, either. It was one of those meals where you knew you were stuffed halfway through but kept returning for more because it was so good. In recent memory because I’ve killed so many brain cells over the years, this probably ranks as one of my favorite pasta dishes I’ve had in town.

I won’t shy away from the fact that my last visit to AVI was an utter disappointment. But years later, everything was great for us. From the quality of food, the service, the speed, everything was hitting on all cylinders. Sounds like, I may have to give this another go in the evening for a date night with my special lady soon.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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