Checking out the latest crepe option in town, The Cool Crepe

There aren’t many options around the Wichita area to eat crepes. Only a handful of places serve them and with the closing of Keeper of the Crepes, I set out to try other eateries that had them on their menu. During my search, I came across The Cool Crepe. It’s a small business set up inside The Coop in Derby, KS.

If you’ve never been to The Coop, it’s a shared space for home bakers and other various startups. The Cool Crepe is just one of those businesses operating out of there.

104 N Baltimore Ave
Derby, Kansas 67037

Friday – Sunday: 8am – 2pm
Closed Monday – Thursday


Cash/Card Accepted

The Cool Crepe offers sweet and savory crepes. It’s important to note their savory crepes are made with gluten-friendly buckwheat which gave the crepes a slightly harder and flakier texture when you cut into it.

I ordered a sweet crepe with berry compote and a savory crepe with ham, bacon, turkey, cheese and a side of Dijon mustard. It took maybe 7-10 minutes to make as there was an order ahead of me.

Between the two crepes, I much preferred the sweet crepe. It was incredibly fluffy, easy to cut into and delicious. The berry compote gave it a jelly-like interior that made for a perfect breakfast.

The savory crepe wasn’t bad by any means. It really just came down to personal preference on how I enjoy my crepes. I’m no model of healthy eating and the buckwheat wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I highly enjoyed all the breakfast ingredients included within. But when I am eating crepes, I want them as fluffy as possible. The grainy harder texture was something I wasn’t accustomed to but it’s also something that didn’t deter me from finishing the entire thing.

All in all, I still enjoyed my breakfast with The Cool Crepe. Aside from a minor accounting issue in checking out, I’d definitely go again and would solidly recommend it to others.

Here’s their menu:

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