Due to COVID-19, there will be no peeps at Halloween this year

How mad were you as a kid when you would get your Easter basket or finish Halloween trick-or-treating, get home and find there were peeps in your candy stash? Personally, I find peeps to be the worst candy in the world. They are literally the glitter of the treat industry.

Fortunately for 2020, there’s finally some good news coming. I saw an article from CNN that Just Born Quality Confections, the company that produces Peeps, say its holiday-themed marshmallow treats will not be out for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. For starters, who gives peeps to the people they love?

The article also noted that before the pandemic, about 5.5 million Peeps were produced every day, roughly 2 billion a year. I feel bad for all the kids who had to receive these.

Happy Dining,

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