The Elote Man Revisited

I last wrote about the Elote Man about a year and a half ago. Many people thought he was a mythical creature selling elote from a bicycle. For the longest time, I heard all the tall tales about this Wichita urban legend. Soon after, I went on the hunt and eventually found out the Elote Man was indeed the real deal.

Once the coronavirus picked up, I never saw or heard of him. I was worried he would never be out again but a few weeks ago, my concerns were put to rest. A few readers let me know, the Elote Man was back on the streets mostly at 21st and Waco.

I made the drive out to 21st and Waco and found him parked at the southeast corner in front of the strip center that holds Lopez Discount Liquor and Family Dollar.

He was there with his Titan Mercurio 300 bicycle with the super strong tubing 300 technology. I know all of this because I’m regurgitating everything I read on his bike while I waited. I know nothing about bikes besides I would buy a similar bike.

The Elote Man sells just two things: elote on the cob and duros. Duros are a popular Mexican snack food made of puffed wheat. They are very airy, light and best when drizzled with Valentina sauce. Bags of duros were $2. Here’s a picture from my last visit.

I was there strictly for the elote which was $2.50 a piece. He asked how I wanted it and told him to surprise me. Then he asked if I wanted it spicy, so I went with two spicy and one non-spicy. All of his corn came precooked so it was all ready to be prepared.

I paid for my three elote with cash only as that’s all he accepted and was on my way.

I made the drive home and indulged in all the elote. The spicy elote with the chili powder was so much better. I had some Valentina sauce at home and drizzled it over the corn to give it some more bite.

It was delicious and everything I recalled from my first visit. My taste buds were in love.

When I was picking everything up, a line formed and I wasn’t sure he looked like he was in the mood to chat. My attempts to offer to make him a Facebook page or put a GPS tracker on his bicycle didn’t even happen. So, everybody will have to go out on a limb anytime to 21st & Waco to see if he’s there.

He did mention he’s there everyday around the 4 or 5 p.m. to whenever.

If you do find him, stop and enjoy the elote.

Happy Dining

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1 thought on “The Elote Man Revisited”

  1. He his so humble..Always the same personality..Although I don’t live in Wichita anymore, I look for him everytime I go. May his business continue to strive.

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