First Look at Facestuffers Food Wagon

Earlier this year, a brand new food truck opened in town called Facestuffers Food Wagon. They serve a variety of food such as smash burgers, nachos, tacos, and subs. I decided to swing by to get a look at what you can expect on your visit.

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For this review, I collaborated with Jeremy aka Fert the Foodie.

On our stop to Facestuffers Food Wagon, Fert went with their Bucket Mouth Burger which was 4 beef patties, pepper jack, American and shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo and mustard on a toasted bun. They say on the menu, it is big. They weren’t kidding. He managed to put it all down while I sat there slowly taking my baby bites.

He also went with the okra which we both found to be very salty along with the Mayaki Taco which included fried shrimp or fajita chicken, mayaki slaw and fresco cheese on a flour tortilla.

I didn’t have that big of an appetite so I went with their Face Fire smash burger which was two all beef patties, fried jalapenos and onions, pepper jack cheese & jalapeño ranch on a gourmet bun. The burger came with a side of Cajun fries. Although I wasn’t all that hungry, it was still a LOT of food. I also ordered their Trailer Trash Taco, which was grilled seasoned steak and cabbage, topped with jalapeno ranch and fried jalapenos. ……like I said, I wasn’t that hungry.

The burger itself was pretty good. I’ll say that smash burgers aren’t really my thing, though. I love a thick, juicy burger, and the smash burgers tend to be the opposite of that. My Face Fire had so much going on with it, which wasn’t a bad thing. The smashed patties along with the fried jalapenos gave it a drier texture that had me chugging down some water. The flavors weren’t bad but it didn’t hit my taste buds

The prices were definitely fair for what we received. There was no question we left incredibly full of food. I, for one, was ready for a nap. Facestuffers comes down to personal preference on whether you like the style of smash burgers. It can’t hurt to try for yourself.

Otherwise, I’ll leave you with this picture. I call it, “Just two bloggers having lunch on the bed of a pickup truck.” Sounds like a future country song.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they will be at next.

Here’s the menu:

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