First look at the dessert cones from On the Flipside

While browsing through Facebook, I came across a new home-based business called On the Flipside selling some amazing looking dessert cones. I saw pictures of peanut butter waffle cones, strawberry crunch ones, among other flavors. Like many people, I tend to order with my eyes and my eyes told my fingers to place the order.

Etsy Webpage

Card payments through Etsy or Cash

On the Flipside accepts orders via messaging their Facebook page or there is also a storefront set up on Etsy.

The waffle cones were $7 each and I placed an order for two different ones, a banana pudding stuffed waffle cone and a strawberry crunch.

There was a $5 option for delivery but since I was already out and about visiting assorted businesses on Saturday, I opted for pickup. The lady in charge was very flexible on time which was perfect for my schedule. Once I arrived, she came out with the container of two waffle cones.

I hurried home to make sure they were eaten as fresh as possible.

The cones were chilled and had an icing drizzle surrounding it that didn’t stick to my fingers at all.

While we loved them both, the strawberry crunch was our favorite of the two. It was dipped in a vanilla melt, covered in strawberry crunch, topped, stuffed and layered with fresh strawberries and no bake cheesecake, drizzled with vanilla and strawberry syrup. It was a great flavorful blend that had such a vibrant blast that tickled our taste buds. First bite in, we knew we loved it.

The banana pudding cone was also another great option. It was dipped in vanilla melt, covered in a banana crunch, filled with a banana pudding layered with fresh bananas and Nilla wafers drizzled with vanilla! There was so much going on with it that I kept coming back for more.

What took us by surprise was how large and filling they were. I think one could be enough for two people but how can you just settle for one flavor?

Other flavors they currently had available included Reese PB, Oreo Cheesecake, and Turtle Cheesecake.

I haven’t had a treat like this before in town so that was cool. In the future, I see myself ordering more for the kids or random events I’m supposed to bring treats for.

Check out On the Flipside on Facebook to order your cones.

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