Let’s Review Pizza Hut!

Let’s review Pizza Hut!

Founded right here in Wichita, KS in 1958, the American pizza chain has grown into an international franchise with over 18,000 locations worldwide. They are now based in Plano, TX. The Wichita area has over 30 locations along with the Pizza Hut Museum on the Wichita State University campus.

To kick off our review, we ordered a couple of pizzas along with breadsticks. We had a half pepperoni/half cheese pan pizza and a supreme pizza on a thin n’ crispy crust.

Growing up, we were raised on thin n’ crispy supreme. And while we don’t get Pizza Hut all that often, I can always get down on some thin crust from Pizza Hut with all the toppings. It’s a style of crust, I wish many more places offered. It’s super thin and baked to offer a nice crispy crust that packs a good crunch. Consistency is nice with the level of toppings as well.

From there things went a little downhill. The pepperoni and cheese mix was really greasy. On a bright note, there was plenty of pepperoni to go around but the toppings were quick to fall off the slice with ease. The kids weren’t all that happy with it.

For national chains, their breadsticks are pretty decent. It’s a thick and soft breadstick that’s made better with their cheesy salt mix that’s spread over the top. But you have to eat them fresh as they aren’t that great once the warmness is gone.

And then the best part about Pizza Hut….. cold pizza. It’s debatable that Pizza Hut supreme thin crust pizza is better cold the next day after it’s been sitting in the fridge.

Like I mentioned earlier, Pizza Hut is something we order maybe once or twice a year. And if we do, supreme thin n’ crispy is the only way I can be talked into doing it.

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