Looking for a commercial kitchen to rent? Reverie Coffee Roasters has you covered

Commercial kitchens for rent are very scarce in Wichita but perhaps one local business will start a trend that makes it easier for start-ups, local bakers and home-businesses to find a fully licensed commercial kitchen to operate out of.

It’s a brilliant idea for restaurants who have cut or changed their hours and have underutilized their kitchen.

Reverie Coffee Roasters announced this week they have opened up their kitchen for rent to people looking to enter the food industry. They have a fully licensed, co-working food production facility that you can rent and use at your disposal.

In the past year, I’ve seen some home-based businesses get shut down for not having a commercial kitchen. This could very well be the answer. Reverie offers a dedicated kitchen time, professional kitchen equipment, cold/dry storage and more.

With many families looking for additional income, they’ve turned to cooking. With many of the regulations in the state, a licensed kitchen is required depending on what you’re cooking. A place like Reverie could be your answer as your Incubator / COOP Kitchen.

For more information on their kitchen rental, you can view their website here.

As other restaurants also look for ideas to earn additional revenue, could they follow suit and open up their kitchens for rent? We will see.

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