What’s New in the Wichita Dining Scene (Fall 2020 Edition)

In case you’ve been in quarantine or opted to stay home for the past few months, you may have missed out on many of the new restaurants and food trucks that have opened up. While the coronavirus has been hard on the restaurant industry, some have managed to get going despite everything going on in the world.

In case you missed it, we posted the Summer 2020 Edition of What’s New in the Wichita Dining Scene back in July which you can read that here.

So the Fall 2020 Edition will list all the new eats since the last posting. How many of the 30+ options below have you been to?

What’s New in the Wichita Dining Scene

  • An-Ex Bar & Grill, 6305 E. Harry
    This is the replace for the former Annex Lounge that sat for many years on east Harry. The new An-Ex pays homage to the former and recently opened in the past week.
  • Barn’rds Restaurant, 3860 N Maize Road
    Not exactly new but definitely a new location. Barn’rds closed their east side location and finally opened their long-awaited west side location in September.

  • Brazita Bites, Food Truck
    If you’ve never had Brazilian food, this food truck brings the popular street food known as coxinha to Wichita.
  • Buffalo Brew Coffee Company, 1550 S. Meridian (Valley Center)
    It’s a drive-thru coffee shop which is perfect for the current conditions of the world.
  • Buchanan’s Bar & Grill, 2789 S. Meridian
    Tacos, tostadas and a whole slew of seafood options are available at this new bar and grill.
  • Candy Cones, 1100 E. Grand (Haysville)
    This snow cone stand is located in Haysville and hopes to bring the spirit of Christmas to the masses year round.

  • Chuyitos Birrieria, 1415 W. Pawnee
    Fans of goat birria have a lot to be excited about as this birrieria stands out as one of the best in town.
  • The Cool Crepe, 104 N Baltimore Ave (Derby)
    This pop-up of sorts sits inside The COOP and makes fresh sweet and savory crepes on the spot.

  • The Cowboy Inn Saloon, 642 N. St. Paul
    They call themselves “the best little dive bar in Wichita” and you can find them in the same spot that housed the Cowboy Inn that was popular back in the 90’s.
  • Crutch BBQ, 550 N. Rock Road
    This is the latest BBQ restaurant to open in Wichita. It’s been dubbed upscale BBQ and just recently opened their dining room to the public.
  • Dunn Right BBQ, Food Truck
    Park City has a food truck to call their own. Dunn Right BBQ serves it, you guessed it, BBQ!

  • Facestuffers Food Wagon, Food Truck
    Brand new to the fleet of food trucks, their big focus is their smash burgers.

  • Latino Hot Dogs, Food Truck
    They are more than just your average hot dog stand. Latino Hot Dogs also serves hot dogs, elote and more.
  • Mary’s Pizza Italian Restaurant, 4600 W. Kellogg
    Located in the food court of Towne West Square, they offer pizzas, wings, salads and pasta to those looking for a quick meal.

  • Oh My Sushi, 6339 W. Kellogg
    The latest sushi restaurant took over the Bogey’s Sports Bar space at west Kellogg and serves sushi and bento boxes.
  • Placeholder Coffee, 120 E 1st St N
    A new coffeeshop opened this summer in The Lux downtown.

  • Ray’s Food Express, 1536 E. 61st St N
    This food truck parks up north and serves fried catfish, wings, BBQ and more.
  • Red Beans To Go, 104 N. Baltimore (Derby)
    If you remember Red Beans Bayou Grill, you’ll love Red Beans To Go which offers take and bake meals located inside The COOP.
  • The Rockin Billy Goat, 925 W. Douglas Ave
    It’s a new rockabilly bar located in Delano next door to Club Billiars.

  • The Rolling Greek, Food Truck
    If you remember the now-closed Greek Plus, the owner has opened a new food truck serving many of the Greek Plus favorites.

  • Roxie’s on the Go, Food Truck
    The owner of Roxie’s on the River has opened a new food truck to take her popular cinnamon rolls on the go. You can also get other items like her Carne Asada fries.
  • Señor Munchies, 1052 N. Waco
    Adding to the diverse culture of food available in Wichita, this is a Latino-inspired candy, nut and gift shop.
  • The Snack Shack, Food Truck
    Not exactly new but they’ve started to be out more in the Wichita area over the past couple months. This food truck sells BBQ, sandwiches and more.

  • T&K Seafood Market, 911 W. 31st St.
    Seafood shops in town are extremely rare, so T&K Seafood Market hopes to give people another option for high quality seafood to cook at home.
  • Tacos El Rey, 2943 S. Hillside
    The 31st and Hillside area of Wichita is a quiet hotbed of amazing food, Tacos El Rey is just adding on to that list.

  • The Teahouse, 3700 E. Douglas Ave
    This new tea house in Clifton Square specializes in any types of teas from all around the world. They have hot and cold tea, loose leaf mixes and a beautiful patio facing Douglas.
  • Tlaxcaltena Candy, 1608 E. Harry
    Many popular Mexican staples along with an assortment of treats can be found at Tlaxcaltena Candy which now has two locations.

  • Torchy’s Tacos, 2191 N. Rock Road
    The popular taco chain out of Texas finally arrived in Wichita to big lines. Their motto is “Damn Good Tacos”. This is the first of what will be at least two that opens in town.
  • Town & Country Classic, 10510 W. Southwest Blvd
    Opened by a longtime customer of Town & Country, they hope to relive the classics of the popular diner.

  • White Crow Cider Company, 1719 N. Rock Road
    This hard cider company in Wichita, Kansas brings modern hard cider in a variety of flavors and seasonal offerings. Their location doubles as a brewery and tasting room in one.
  • Wichita Fish Company, 818 N. Mosley
    The long time seafood restaurant has moved further north to 818 N. Mosley. Same menu, different building.

That’s all the new dining options that’s arrived to the Wichita area in the past few months. That’s 30+ to choose from! October isn’t here yet and there’s at least ten new places planning on opening so be on the lookout for another edition sooner than later!

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