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I’ve been wanting to do a huge collaboration with many local bloggers, influencers and foodies in town.
As a sports fan, I have always enjoyed reading the AP Polls. They aren’t the end all, be all but fun to read. I wanted to create something similar here in Wichita. Our own panel of voters for weekly or bi-weekly polls on various topics in regards to Wichita and mainly the restaurant industry.
I’m sure you all get tired of reading just my opinion so why not loop in a host of others for fun-filled banter of others who actively support our community? I’ve looped in some other familiar names but am looking for more. Who wants in? I’m looking for active foodies, influencers, bloggers, and people who just like to venture out. No picky eaters needed here.
My goal is to create a vast group of foodies that cover all areas of town. Often times polls and panels get input from just a subset or two of town. This will encompass people all over Wichita; all who do not work in the food industry. For now, I’m calling it The Neighborhood. I’m looking for roughly 15-25 people.
Interested in joining or know someone who would be a great fit? Share this with your friends or apply below.

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