A beautiful culinary adventure with the kids meal at Rancho Nuevo

Thanks to the kind folks at the Wichita Food & Booze Facebook group, I came across a hell of a kids meal tip. I’m always on the hunt for great kids meals for my daughter and luckily stumbled across this one. Nothing says, “I love you” like a delicious meal. So thanks to the group, we stopped by Rancho Nuevo Mexican Restaurant strictly for the kids meal.

2330 N Maize Road
Wichita, KS 67205

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 8pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

I’ve been to Rancho Nuevo multiple times for dates nights but never on a daddy/daughter date night.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a big smile, quickly seated and handed menus. While browsing through the kids menu, we were presented with six options all at $6.99.

I’ve seen some people scoff at these prices. But before I pass judgment, I thought it would only be right to stop in and find out for myself.

We asked for suggestions on which kids menu would be best fit for a princess and was recommended the burrito which came with rice and beans.

Before that arrived, she was presented with a beautiful display of chips, salsa and one of the best bean dips in town. My daughter loved the chips, they were very light, crispy and not too greasy. She’s been getting the more sign language along with finger pointing down and more chips was a common occurrence throughout dinner. To her, I think $6.99 was a great value for the chips. But wait, there’s more!

We were brought out a bowl of sopa de fideo.

Sopa de fideo is a Mexican noodle soup made with a tomato-based broth that’s super flavorful, savory and perfect for a cold winter day. My daughter is a big fan of all things noodles and couldn’t get enough of it. To her, I think $6.99 was a great value for the chips and the fideo. But wait, there’s more!

Just when she thought dinner was complete, out came the main entree. The kids burrito wasn’t your cheap run of the mill burrito. It was topped with a delicious red sauce that wasn’t spicy at all. The rice came out soft and fluffy while the beans were warm with some cheese mixed in.

We cut into the burrito and a blast of well-seasoned ground beef aroma punched us in the face. She looked at me with a big smile revealing her six teeth.

This wasn’t cheap grade D Taco Bell meat. There was a quality to it that was noticeable at the first bite. After my daughter’s first bite, a small little toot came out, so I know it must have been good. The excitement is real when you can’t hold in your farts.

It was a beautiful spread of food that also included a small kids drink of your choice. Chips and salsa, fideo and a freshly made meal, what more could a child want?

All the food was of high quality and delicious. It was a meal fit just not for kids but worthy of an adults palate. The price of $6.99 might sound high but everything was delicious, fresh and made with care.

While some people might be upset they aren’t charging $4.99, I’m mad they weren’t charging $8.99! Plus it’s hard to put a price on fantastic service. And every single visit to Rancho Nuevo has always been filled with fast, friendly service that makes you feel like family.

If I ever become Benjamin Button and start reversing in age and become a kid, I’m definitely heading to Rancho Nuevo Mexican Restaurant for their kids meal. Only a Karen would think it’s not a great deal! Sign me up for a return visit.

Closing Notes: Some of you may be laughing at this review but it will be my daughter who gets the last laugh when I change her diaper tomorrow.

Happy Dining,

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  1. We LOVE Rancho Nuevo! We were one of their first customers. i absolutely love, love, love the salsa. It’s different than any i’ve tasted anywhere. I’m not sure what the defining ingredient is, but it just has a really special flavor. All other salsa’s i’ve had pale in comparison to this one.

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