First Look at the new west-side Barn’rds Restaurant

It’s been one of the longest planned restaurants in all of Wichita. Talk of a west-side Barn’rds Restaurant started back in 2007 and picked up steam a decade later. And of all the years, they chose 2020 to make it happen.

With their original east-side location now closed, the only way to get your Barn’rds fix is at their new building at 37th & Maize. I stopped by this past week to get a look at what you can expect at their new digs.

3860 N. Maize Road
Maize, KS 67101

Open Daily: 10:30am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

As you would expect with a new building, it’s completely different and more open than their old location. The restaurant seats roughly 100 people and has a patio which isn’t open yet as they are awaiting tables and chairs. There’s also a drive-thru.

If you’ve never been to Barn’rds, their menu consists of sandwiches, salads, soups, beverages and homemade cookies. All the prices are fairly reasonable for any lunch or dinner visit. Most sandwiches on the menu hover around the $5 range with the combo costing around $8.

They’re very popular for their roast beef sandwich so it made sense to order some variation of it on my first time to their new location.

I went with their Jalapeño Ranch which was advertised as “a little spicy” and included roast beef, pepperoni, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and jalapeño ranch sauce. Barn’rds has some of the best fries in the business, so I ordered that but couldn’t pass up on their pasta salad either.

My order arrived quickly and there wasn’t a single bad thing to say about it. Some people may be worried that Barn’rds would miss a beat moving but I didn’t notice anything.

Their fries were nice and crispy. The pasta salad was just the right balance of noodles and dressing with absolutely no black olives. If you’re like me and despise black olives in pasta salad, Barn’rds has you covered.

As for the Jalapeño Ranch, the bun was soft and delicious but did a tremendous job of keeping everything together. It’s one of the best buns in town. There was plenty of roast beef in my sandwich with the pepperoni and Jalapeño ranch sauce giving it a nice pop. Simply put, I loved it…… every second of it.

I know there are people very upset that they moved to the other side of town. I get it; it’s not ideal. It’s a far drive for me as well. But the moment I walked out of Barn’rds, I knew it was worth the drive. While it’s not a restaurant I’ll eat as often in the past, I won’t let the distance deter me from continuing to support a restaurant I enjoy.

Happy Dining,

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