First Look at Watt’s Cooking & Catering

Even with state fairs being canceled all over the country, that didn’t stop some places from offering fair favorites. A new food trailer called Watt’s Cooking & Catering opened last month to serve just that. The new mobile business sells funnel cakes, fried Oreos and candy bars, and more.

Cash/Card Accepted

I’ve been wanting to try them since word came out they opened. Fortunately, my schedule worked out and I was able to drop by when they were parked out in Haysville for an outdoor market event.

On my quick visit, I ordered a strawberry funnel cake which came out at $8. It was $7 for the funnel cake and then an extra dollar per topping.

It didn’t take long for my funnel cake to come out fresh.

I paired it with a lemonade from The Big Original Lemon trailer that was parked right by Watt’s.

It was an excellent combination that had me reminiscing of fun visits to the fair.

The delicious batter was fried to light golden brown color and sprinkled with powdered sugar and a strawberry drizzle that offered an additional touch of sweetness. The funnel cake had a nice, crispy, somewhat airy texture that tasted like sweet memories. Any time I indulge in funnel cake, it brings me thoughts of being at Joyland, the River Festival or the Kansas State Fair.

Watt’s Cooking & Catering is a nice addition to the food truck scene in Wichita and offers a fun, festive food that will make for a great time at food truck events.

Here’s the menu:

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