Hot Cocoa Bombs from Tipsy cAAkes

The latest trend in Wichita all over social media has been cocoa bombs. We spent one weekend trying out a couple different home-based operations. One of the two we stopped by was Tipsy cAAkes. The bakery sells cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and many other treats. But on our visit, we stuck with cocoa bombs.

What’s a cocoa bomb, you ask? Someone compared it to an edible bath bomb. They are big round chocolate sweets that can contain things like cocoa powder and marshmallows inside that are released when warm milk is poured over them. They are visually appealing and deliciously appealing for cocoa fans.


After looking at their Facebook page, they had a few options available for pickup in west Wichita. The cocoa balls came in milk chocolate, cherry chocolate, chocolate peanut butter.

  • 1 or $3.50
  • 3 for $10
  • 6 for $18

With three flavors, I went ahead and ordered one of each:

The cocoa balls had a good size that fit snugly in my mugs.

If you’re unfamiliar with cocoa bombs. Here’s how it works.

To set the cocoa bombs off, we put some milk in the microwave and made sure it was piping hot. Then we poured the milk over the cocoa bomb and watched the fun unfold.

Here’s a video of the cocoa bomb in action.

The cocoa bombs were great. If you love cocoa bombs, you can’t go wrong with these. Tipsy cAAkes had plenty of marshmallows and classic cocoa mix to make for a delicious warm drink.

If you have kids, these cocoa bombs make for a fun visual and experience for them. Check out Tipsy cAAkes on Facebook for more.

Happy Dining

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