Judging the 2020 Pumpkinfest at Blood Orchard

It was time again to do my regular judging duties at Blood Orchard for their annual Pumpkinfest competition. Blood Orchard’s pumpkin patch is now open so it made for the perfect time to host a handful of trucks for a fun small cooking competition.

Four food trucks parked in the commons’ area at Blood Orchard and whipped up some pumpkin-themed creations for everybody to try.

Excuse the picture quality as I had my daughter on my lap and wasn’t exactly being cooperative. I guess she’s not a pumpkin fan yet; I’ll work on that this month.

Here’s everything I tried:

Pumpkin Curry Soup from Bread Sled Cafe
Fried Wonton with Pumpkin filling from Smokin Diner
Pumpkin Taquito topped with Slaw from Funky Monkey Munchies
Pumpkin Coffee from Espresso Self

All of them were fantastic and worthy of winning. They were all different from one another. It was like a drink vs. an appetizer vs. a soup vs. a dessert. How was I supposed to decide?

There was a four-person panel who chose this years’ winner. We all turned in our verbal votes. The first three all picked someone different and the fourth person ended up being the tie-breaker.

In the end, it was Funky Monkey Munchies and their taquitos who took home the win at Pumpkinfest.

For what it’s worth, they were actually my second place vote. My favorite was the pumpkin curry soup from Bread Sled Cafe. I loved the light curry flavor with the subtle bite of pumpkin to it. It was definitely unique with the creative pumpkin spin to it.

But like I said, any of the four could have won and I’d have no argument. Overall, it was a fun event. I love all things pumpkins so this type of event was right up my alley.

Thanks to Blood Orchard for having us out.

Happy Dining,

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