With the announcement of Cafe Asia’s upcoming closure in December, that left a void at Normandie Shopping Center. Well, that space has been claimed. The restaurant next door, Pho Le’s, will be expanding their restaurant. No word on when everything will be completed but the plan is for Pho Le’s to open up the side wall to allow them to add more seating.

That’s not all that’s changing. Pho Le’s located at 6540 E Central, serves many Vietnamese traditional favorites. The additional space will allow them to expand not just their dining capacity but their menu.

Dim sum which has a small footprint in Wichita is now available at Pho Le’s. On Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., they will be serving a small limited menu of dim sum. They recently acquired a new cart to serve their dim sum in and hope to expand the offering over time.

At this moment, their dim sum menu will feature seven different items like bun, beef short ribs, and chicken feet.

If you’ve never had dim sum before, it’s a meal consisting of small plates and best enjoyed among the company of family and friends. Many traditional dim sum restaurants around the country have a cart pushed around the restaurant that hold all the small dishes. When the cart arrives at your table, you’re able to look at all the dishes and pick and choose what you want. The small dishes usually contain 2-4 servings of food. It’s such a great way to try a variety of different foods.

I have yet to try out the dim sum at Pho Le’s, but intend to soon! Stay tuned for more!

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