Trying out the delicious green chili at Pig In Pig Out BBQ

It’s expected to be a very cold weekend which means chili time. It’s one of my favorite foods especially when the temperatures drop. We’ll make it at home and I have no problem driving all over Wichita for good chili. The latest posting I saw for it was at Pig In Pig Out BBQ. They recently put green chili on the menu and I made sure to drop by to get some to go.

Their green chili was $12 for a quart, $6.50 for a pint, or $4.75 for a 12oz bowl. They also had an option for green chili mac (large portion of their mac and cheese with green chili over it) for $6.49.

I placed an order for two quarts of green chili. One quart for myself and one quart for the rest of the family.

Every single spoonful was amazing. There was so much pork inside the chili to fill you up quickly. The chili packed a good amount of heat that was flavorful and made you keep going back for more.

For those that need even more heat, they had some pepper relish that consisted of habanero varieties and Carolina reapers with a touch of vinegar and sugar. I asked for some and accidentally inhaled a teaspoon full on my first bite and my nose started sweating as if it just ran a marathon. It was so hot but so good.

Every one was a fan of it. Green chili is probably my favorite of all the chili and Pig In Pig Out hit a homerun with this dish.

In the rare case I was still hungry (which I wasn’t), I also asked for a 1/4 order of hot links to go.

It’s safe to say my lunch was a big success.

1003 E 13th St.
Wichita, KS 67214

Tuesday – Wednesday: 11am – 3pm
Thursday: 11am – 4pm
Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 4pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

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