With football season back, Popeye’s figured it’d be a great time to re-release their spicy ghost pepper wings. I am a fan of their spicy fried chicken and thought this would be worthwhile to try.

I placed an order on the Popeye’s app and one of the few locations I could find on the app at the time with them in stock was their south Seneca location.

6 wings with a side and a biscuit was $6.97 while 12 wings with a side and biscuit was $11.96. I selected the 6 wings option and made my way to Popeye’s for pickup.

Nearly everybody I know has had an issue of some sort at that location and this visit came close to one. I arrived to pick up my order. As I was leaving, I noticed my bag felt light. After looking through everything, my wings were not in the bag. I had to return to ask for them so this review almost didn’t take place.

With the wings finally in my bag, I made my way home.

The ghost pepper wings are marinated in an exotic blend of peppers according to their website with the ghost pepper being the most prominent one. The wings were very crispy and similar to their regular chicken just smaller.

The batter, breading and even the meat was an exact replica of their fried chicken. But you’re most likely curious about how spicy they were. Those with a high heat tolerance likely won’t find these too spicy. I was able to put these down easily with no problems. They reminded me of their regular spicy chicken just with a tad bit more heat and still flavorful.

My biggest complaint with ghost pepper wings was the amount of meat on them. I feel like Popeye’s chicken has gotten smaller over the years. There’s been less meat on the bones but the amount of breading on it tries to make up for it.

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