Da Cajun Shak Revisited

I remember my first time at Da Cajun Shak. It was well before I ever started blogging. It was also at that time I met the owner Tim Granger. That first visit, he intimidated the hell out of me. He had this rugged ambience about him that felt like he was not one to mess with. As one friend put it, he was about as Cajun as they come especially here in Wichita. But after more visits to Da Cajun Shak and speaking to Tim more, I realized he was not intimidating at all; just a chill hard-working guy trying to create something in Wichita. We would chat sports on my visits and all things Louisiana.

Then after I started blogging, he was always appreciative of my blogs on Da Cajun Shak. Of course, it helped that I loved the food. Tim and his dad even signed up for my Dine Out Wichita event to support the United Way. It was nice to see them be a part of the small grassroots fundraiser that was started from scratch. We literally chatted the other week about the fourth Da Chicken Shak & More location that was preparing to open.

Unfortunately, Tim passed away at the end of October. I can’t sit here and write that I knew him well but what I can say is I had a high level of respect for what he built here in Wichita. To make it past one year with a restaurant is hard enough. He blew past that with four total restaurants.

I wasn’t sure how to properly pay my respects to someone in the restaurant scene I respect. All I could think of was stopping in and eating at the restaurant I first met Tim Granger at.

6249 E 21st St. N
Wichita, KS 67208

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

One of my favorite dishes in Wichita is the Cajun Meatloaf but when I stopped by, they were out of the dish. After talking with my server, she suggested the Chicken Lafayette which was topped with Étouffée. There was also one boudin link left which I snagged. And to top it off, I ordered a small side of gumbo.

Like my other visits, the food was phenomenal. That was my first time experiencing boudin and I found it to be quite rich and delicious. It was a heavier side than I imagined but still rather tasty.

The side of gumbo was pretty small and gone in almost sixty seconds. What took me a while to finish though was the Chicken Lafayette topped with Étouffée.

I absolutely loved the spiciness of the Étouffée. It added a savory richness to the dish, not that it needed any but I wasn’t complaining. It really elevated the Chicken Lafayette dish. There was a taste reminiscent of the Cajun Meatloaf I so love. All in all, it was a very worthwhile recommendation from my server; a dish I really enjoyed.

Da Cajun Shak reopened this week after closing for a week following Tim’s death. Go show them some love and support if you enjoy their food or if you’ve never been there.

Tim will definitely be missed in Wichita’s little restaurant community.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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