My day of dining at A Taste of Derby event

A really cool event took place in Derby, KS this evening called A Taste of Derby. The event was put on by the Derby Chamber of Commerce and a way to highlight many of the dining establishments in the city of Derby.

The event admission was $10 and it allowed you to try samples from 18 businesses in the area. Many were locally owned and operated businesses and some while chains were locally owned.

A Taste of Derby wasn’t picked up by most media outlets in Wichita, so I wanted to stop by, show some love and give them some support for a cause I’m always game for.

I arrived at the Derby Welcome Center to pick up my lanyard. They had a few raffles going on and of course, me being the addicted gambler, I had to purchase a handful of tickets. They had bottles of liquors, gift cards to Derby businesses and a years worth of Pizza John’s. Fingers crossed that latter option is coming home to me.

While at the welcome center, two businesses were set up inside giving out samples. The Cafeteria at Rock Regional Hospital and a catering business out of Rose Hill called Truly Amazing Catering.

Pro-tip: I’ve heard Rock Regional Hospital’s cafeteria puts out some awesome brisket.

The rest of the restaurants, you had to drive out to separately. Part of the beauty of the event was to get you to visit establishment you may have never been to before. My time was limited, so I wanted to visit a handful before calling it a night.

My next stop was Mexi-Kan Kitchen where they were giving tacos out.

And since it was nearby, Domino’s Pizza was on the list as well.

Up next, I circled back over to the Coffee House. I’ve never been to the little kiosk before so that was completely new to me.

I drove west on Madison and stopped by Little Busters Sports Bar where they were giving wing samples.

Bash Brothers BBQ who is a local company that sells sauces and rubs had a popup stand set up inside Little Busters. I absolutely love their stuff and picked up a couple of rubs on my way out.

Right after that, I drove down Baltimore Ave and made a stop by The COOP. They were giving out free dessert samples and an 8 oz drink of any flavor. I heard some lady ask for tiramisu….

….. so I ordered a tiramisu drink. YUM!

Immediately after, I drove over to Pizza John’s for the thinnest slice of pizza they had available.

I didn’t have time to swing by the other businesses but the full list included:

– Buffalo Wild Wings
– Casa Martinez Restaurant
– CBD American Shaman
– Derby Wine and Spirits
– Domino’s Pizza
– Drury Lane Bakery & Cafe
– Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q
– La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
– Pizza John’s
– Little Busters Sports Bar
– Mexi-Kan Kitchen
– Olive Garden
– Panera Bread
– Snappy Chicks Boutique and Snaps
– The Coffee House
– The COOP and Coffee House
– The Cafeteria at Rock Regional Hospital
– Truly Amazing Catering

Sometimes with these style of events, restaurants or employees don’t even know what’s going on. They forget about whatever special is supposed to take place. Every business I stepped into, saw my lanyard and knew immediately what to do so that was a big plus. Every restaurant was friendly and happy to serve out some food. I saw many other diners going from place to place. At first I thought they were stalking me but come to find out, they were just enjoying A Taste of Derby as well.

I loved what I saw and wish something could be put on in Wichita perhaps to a smaller scale. Maybe something more centralized to a part of Wichita so it’s easier to navigate.

Props to the Derby Chamber. If they have it again next year, I’m down. Until then, I will anxiously wait to see if my number is called for a years worth of Pizza John’s.

For more on the event, check out the Derby Chamber’s website on A Taste of Derby.

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