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A new catering and meal delivery business called Mokko Cuisine debuts this week. They are a new dining option that offers comfort foods from around the world with Asian/Japanese undertones. For example, you can expect dishes from India, Vietnam and Mexican with Japanese undertones. They will utilize local ingredients from local businesses & herbs/vegetables they grow from their urban garden. A big selling point for many people will be the variety of Vegan & vegetarian options plus meat.

The business operates out of Reverie Roasters new commercial kitchen called Founders Creative Kitchen.

Starting now, you can place orders from their website for delivery.



Cash/Card Accepted

Their menu changes every week and is available here. For their first week, they had such items like tomato bisque, Mokko Cajun shrimp with garlic bread and whiskey coconut bread pudding available. I had those particular meals delivered and it was much more food than I realized.

Of everything we tried, the Mokko Cajun Shrimp was our favorite. It was a creamy sauce with shrimp, mushrooms and onions. It was incredibly savory with just enough heat that wasn’t too spicy that left everybody wanting more. Literally, everybody in the house loved it.

The Mokko Cajun Shrimp came with garlic bread, but we ended up using it to dip in the tomato bisque. It was velvety smooth as described and had chunks of vegetables in it. There was a small marinara aftertaste that stuck out to us. Between this and the Mokko Cajun Shrimp, it was a very hearty meal perfect for a day with some cooler weather.

We ended everything with the whiskey coconut bread pudding. The serving size looked like it was for twenty people. With so much heavy filling food, this really put us out for the rest of the day. So much good food in one setting.

Sometimes in food, you can tell people put their heart and soul into the dishes. There’s a certain care, these owners put into crafting quality food. It’s representative by every bite you take.

I was highly impressed by the food at Mokko Cuisine. These guys are definitely worth checking out. Check out their website to place an order today.

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