First Look at the new location of Crazy Crab Seafood

Just as we originally reported, Crazy Crab Seafood Restaurant is back and in a new location. It’s good news for a restaurant that drew a lot of ire for being located in one of the most rundown buildings in town that will now be torn down to make way for a gas station. Their 511 S. West Street is no more, and they’ve moved up north to 779 N. West St.

779 N West St.
Wichita, KS 67203

Monday – Tuesday: 4pm – 9pm
Wednesday – Sunday: 11:30am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The new building looked nice inside when I stopped by. They renovated the space which looks way better than their original home. At the moment though, the interior is closed as they are only doing takeout and curbside delivery orders.

I was craving some seafood. Even though we are outside of crawfish season, I was OK with whatever was thrown my way.

The menu had all sorts of options from snow crab, shrimp, mussels, crawfish, clams, lobster tail and more. I opted to go with a seafood combo of one pound of crawfish and one pound of snow crab. The meal came with one corn, egg and potato. I called in my order, and they had it all bagged up and ready when I arrived. The aroma while driving home was amazing. It took everything in me not to pull over and start eating.

I ordered my combo with a mix of all flavors (Cajun, lemon pepper and garlic butter). There were four spicy levels to choose from and I went with medium.

Guys, it was awesome. I know there are going to be haters talking crap about eating seafood in landlocked Kansas. I get that it’s not going to compare to any of the coastal states but did it satisfy my seafood cravings for the weekend? Yes.

The sauce it came with had a small bit of heat that lingered but was really flavorful. It played a big role in the meal. The size of the crawfish was huge. There wasn’t one measly piece in the meal. The snow crab was cooked right with each piece having a firm texture with a mild briny flavor.

I didn’t have much luck with fried options when I originally stopped by Crazy Crab’s first location but was more than happy with my seafood combo order at their new location. I’ll 100% order from them again.

Here’s their menu:

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  1. Hi my name is Mike, I live in Westminster, Maryland. Crazy Crab had a restaurant here in a 140 Village Shopping Center. I had a chance to go to Crazy Crab one time for dinner. It was GREAT food and the service was really good too. It was about a few weeks later was going back and it closed up. Was very sad and then I had heard that they was having troubles with business and never opened back up. Would love to see Crazy Crab come back to Westminster, Maryland it was a great place to go and you got a lot for you money. My kind of place ??

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