Kicking off tamale season at Pinole Blue

Tamale season is about to pick up in December but many places are starting to offer this exquisite treat. One of those options is Pinole Blue who began a couple of weeks ago. They helped kick off our mini-tamale tour in town.

242 N Cleveland
Wichita, KS 67214

Friday – Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Closed Sunday – Thursday


Cash/Card Accepted

Pinole Blue offers two different types of tamales available for pickup. They have a traditional tamale made with white corn masa and red pork meat. Then there is a vegan-friendly sweet tamale made with blue corn masa, peanuts, pecans and pineapple.

The tamales were roughly $23 for a dozen and came with a free bag of chips.

I picked up the traditional tamale but did try their vegan-friendly option last year and can attest those were great as well.

The red pork meat was surprisingly spicier than I remember. It wasn’t so much that it took away from the meal or would be a deterrent for people with low-heat tolerances, though. It was the good type of spicy that gave you a slight delicious punch and kept you coming back for more.

Each tamale had plenty of pork and the white corn masa offered a subtle sweetness that complimented the pork well.

All in all, a great kick-start to tamale season.

If you head over to Pinole Blue to pick up some tamales, I highly recommend their sugar cookies and protein balls as well.

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  1. Years ago in San Francisco there was a tamale man had a little push cart like they used to sell popsicles out of , and he had Chili Reanolle tamales they were the BOMB.

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