Local Spotlight: The Room (Escape Room)

The Room

The Room

If your family is looking for a getaway…. or an escape (pun intended), The Room is the spot for you.

There are a handful of escape room options around town and one of my friends and family’s favorite is The Room which is located at 617 W. Douglas.

There are a few reasons we have chosen The Room as one of our favorite options around town for wholesome family fun.

  • The rooms are private bookings meaning when you book the room, only you and your party will be in there. There are some places in town where you could be placed in a room with strangers which makes it weird. And during a time like this, who wants to be placed in a room with strangers?
  • The pricing is all done family style so you aren’t paying full price for kids either. It’s $25 per person (Age 13+) and $15 per person (Age 6 to 12).
  • Every room is set up to completion. While you’re given an hour to complete the room, every party will be given enough clues to escape should they start to struggle or surpass their hour time. That will give you and your party a sense of accomplishment.
  • Lastly, the people are fantastic. The owners truly care about the customers and want to ensure everyone is having a great time.

If you’re curious about cleanliness, they allot plenty of time in between bookings to clean and sanitize the rooms.

I’ve long said, escape rooms are one of the best ways to enjoy time with your loved ones. Although it may cause some frustration when you’re stuck and forces you to really come together and work as one, the joy you get when escaping the room is worth it.

Check out The Room and place your booking on their webpage. For more, you can also check out their Facebook page.

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