Revisiting Copper Oven Cafe for dinner

While I’ve been to The Copper Oven Cafe for breakfast, I’ve never been by over dinner time. It’s a restaurant that’s been brought up many times in my blog’s Facebook Group (Wichita Foodie Friends) so I thought I’d swing by for something different there. Here’s The Copper Oven Revisited!

2409 W 13th St.
Wichita, KS 67203

Closed on Sunday & Monday
Tuesday – Saturday: 7am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Their dinner menu had all sorts of things going on. There were sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads, pasta, soups and more.

After taking minutes to decide, I went with the reuben which came with corned beef with seasoned kraut and Swiss cheese. There were many sides to choose from but my favorite to go with a reuben is pasta salad.

My food came out quickly. I started off with the pasta salad. The pasta texture was spot on. My only point of discontent came with how dry the noodles were. I’m a big fan of my noodles being doused in dressing but that’s ultimately a personal preference. Had there been more sauce, I would have loved them but for you it could be different.

The bread had a nice crisp to it that didn’t get all soggy. A huge winner in the sandwich was the seasoned kraut which had a sour, yet sweet and spicy flavor to it. I loved every bite of it. Overall the sandwich was fantastic. Some things were missing like your traditional marbled rye bread and the Russian or Thousand Island dressing to give it more zing (if there was any, I didn’t get much of it) but I loved Copper Oven’s take on the reuben. It still had much of the flavor I love in a reuben and most of all, it was satisfying and delicious. Which goes to show food never has to be “authentic” or “traditional” as many people believe. If it taste good, that should be priority number one.

On my last visit, I missed out on some pie and cake. I made sure not to make that mistake again. There was such a huge selection to choose from and I couldn’t decide, so I left it up to my server to surprise me. She brought out a chocolate mousse cake that was rich, decadent and the perfect way to end my dinner.

Once again, it was an excellent visit to Copper Oven Cafe.

My server was beyond exceptional. She went above and beyond, was engaging, and did an excellent job. I made sure to ask for a manager to relay my experience and extend my gratitude not just with gratuity but words to her superior. Come to find out, she had just been at Copper Oven for about a week or so. Her name was Andrea so if you’re up there, ask for her and you’re in for a great meal with terrific service.

Happy Dining,

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