Spending a daddy/daughter date at Doo-Dah Diner

For part of 2020, my daughter and I have been traveling around town spending some quality time over breakfast. We’ve been visiting every breakfast spot in town. The latest stop on our morning dates took us to Doo-Dah Diner. She actually made an appearance last July but at that point she was just a month old and not quite ready for some restaurant food.

206 E Kellogg St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Wednesday – Friday: 7am – 2pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 2pm
Closed on Monday & Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

Over a year ago, I tried to entice her with some monkey bread. She didn’t seem too enthused.

This time around, she was slightly more mesmerized. The picture also serves as a reminder I have A LOT of work on how to properly do her hair before walking out of the door. This time around she was in love with every bite. Each bit of monkey bread brought on sign language for “more”, “more” and “what are you waiting on daddy, more!”

For our breakfast, we went with the corned beef hash. It came with two eggs. I normally order them over medium but my daughter preferred them scrambled…..and what she wants she usually gets.

Our meal came out promptly, and we were excited to dig in. I loved the thick cubes of corned beef which visually looked like a perfect combination with the cubed hash browns. It was topped with a green chili sauce that only made me wish there was more of it as the sauce was delicious. It gave it a New Mexico style vibe and flavor. There was a bit of spice which just gave the dish some pizzazz. The corned beef itself was the right level of saltiness.

The biscuit came with gravy on the side. Since there wasn’t much room on our dish, we ended up just dunking the biscuit by hand into the gravy. That was definitely a first for us. My only complaint about the meal was the gravy wasn’t warm. It came out a bit lukewarm which kind of took away from the biscuits and gravy.

All in all, it was a good meal that was delivered in great time. Our server did a great job taking care of the both of us. We were certainly full by the end of the meal.

It was another winner of a daddy/daughter date that has spanned multiple breakfast spots all over Wichita. Where to next?

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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