Trying out Dillons many seasonal Fall products

After trying out the Home Chef meal delivery service and with the colder weather approaching, we have been doing a little more cooking at home. That requires some more visits to our neighborhood grocery store, Dillons.

Recently, we partnered with Dillons and they presented me with a gift basket full of different seasonal goods for us to try at home. There were all sorts of stuff in it like apples, pears, caramels, bread, bacon, cashews, syrup and so much more.

With many of the ingredients in the basket, they gave us a recipe to try for Bacon & Pear Grilled Cheese with Maple Butter. Grilled cheese is something we do occasionally for the kids but this combination was totally new to us. The inclusion of the pear was something I would have never thought of and loved how it brought a sweet and juicy burst to the savoriness of the dish. Due to the bacon and pears, it had a lighter cheesy flavor which for me, I didn’t mind at all. For those curious, we used Murray’s cheese in our sandwich.

Of all the treats in our gift basket, my personal favorite ended up being a tie between the Private Selection sea salt caramel cashews and the New York style pumpkin cheesecake ice cream (also Private Selection). The cashews were addicting and we went through the entire container in about an hour. Meanwhile, the ice cream was like pumpkin pie filling with bits of cheesecake inside. It was rich, delicious and gave me all the feelings of fall I needed.

For everybody else, the Private Selection milk chocolate sea salt caramels was the winner. After all, chocolate is the key to their hearts.

There are some things we still have yet to try like their Pepper Bacon Jam which sounds right up my alley.

Overall, it was a cool gift to receive that kept us plenty busy at home doing what we love doing… eating. I think I take the longest time shopping at Dillons because I never know what to get and sometimes just like browsing around. Now I have a little more direction on things to get.

Happy Dining,

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Disclosure: This blog was created in partnership with Dillons. All photos and opinions are those of Wichita By E.B.

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