Favorite Dishes I’ve Had in Wichita Each Month of 2020

Having visited over 300 restaurants, food trucks, local businesses in 2020, I had the opportunity to try some amazing dishes. I originally wanted to pick out the top ten dishes I had throughout the year but instead wanted to go month by month. Every month, I set out to try many different genres.

Here are my favorite dishes I had in Wichita for each month:


Birria picked up some popularity towards the end of the year. But a the very beginning of the year a new restaurant called Taqueria La Chona opened at 3415 E. Harry and offered an amazing birria plate that is up there with one of the best in town.


February was tough to decide but in the end it was the Roasted Tomatillo Pozole with braised pork loin from Adios Nachoria located inside Wave. It was party of a 5-course dining experience that proved to be one of the best overall meals I’ve had and was hands down the best pozole I’ve had at a restaurant in Wichita.


I took at Lobster cooking class at Mark Arts. It was a fun date night where we picked out our own lobster and learned how to cook it. Not only was it a fun information evening but a delicious one as well.


With restaurants closed for dine-in, I was forced to get carryout for my birthday. We ordered the 14oz NY Strip cooked rare plus from Chester’s Chophouse & Wine Bar. They nailed it and rung in the big 4-0 the best way a restaurant could during a pandemic.


The sushi burrito from Bento Cafe was one of the most filling and delicious meals I’ve had this year. While it looked small in size, it was huge on so many levels. This is one meal you all should try at least once.


Quite possibly the best dish I had the entire year. The smoked prime rib from Bite Me BBQ  was by far the best 16 oz. of meat I’ve had in a restaurant in all of 2020. I can still smell it now.


My July obsession was the spicy garlic ramen from Xing Xing. Being able to choose your spice level was also a big game changer. I’m still stuck at level 6 and it appears it will stay that way.


The aguacate con cebiche from Tlaxcaltena Candy was like a deviled egg except it was an avocado filled with ceviche. It’s something l’ve never seen at a restaurant until they had it available.


My first experience with Hot Pot at a Wichita restaurant came at the ends of Next Level Cafe. Between the delicious broth and the fresh raw meat and seafood, it was one of the most enjoyable “foodie” experiences I had in 2020.


The pumpkin tres leches cake from Alexandra’s Cakes was singlehandedly the best pumpkin themed dish and tres leches cake I’ve had in recent memory. If you follow this blow, October marks the time I eat all things pumpkin flavored. Alexandra’s didn’t disappoint.


Eating out picked up in November so I was able to try all sorts of dishes. The one that stuck out the most for me this year was the Steak Diane from The Kitchen. The filet mignon was grilled to tender perfection. Each bite literally melted in our mouths with the mushroom-caramelized onion port wine sauce offering a complimentary sweet and delicious flavor.


The new dumplings from Himali Eats was nothing short of amazing. I loved sauce that came with the C-MoMo style MoMos (aka dumplings). There was a small sweet flavor followed by a bit of heat in each bite. The onions and bell peppers gave the dumplings some more texture. It was an extremely flavorful dish.


How about you? Any dishes stick out to you as simply amazing in 2020?

Happy Dining,

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