Grabbing some donuts from Noah’s Donut & Coffee Shop in Haysville, KS

Donuts will always be a breakfast staple in our house. We’ve had donuts from every single donut shop in Wichita and decided it was time to expand our horizon and see what else was out there outside of Wichita. One recommendation we received was Noah’s Donut Shop in Haysville, KS. It wasn’t that far a drive for us so we made the trek and gave them a try.

868 E. Grand Avenue
Haysville, Kansas 67060

Monday – Saturday: 5am – 11am
Closed on Sunday


Cash Only

It’s probably the only donut shop we have visited that was cash only. Fortunately, we had some cash on us.

We arrived mid-morning and luckily, they still had a decent number of donuts on hand.

We ordered a half dozen and selected an apple cinnamon roll, maple donut, glazed donut, Bavarian cream and some fruit stuff donuts.

For as many donuts as we eat, we aren’t donut snobs. Our expectations of donuts are very simple. We get donuts are sitting out so we don’t expect them to be extremely fresh and warm, that’s what a 3-5 second spin in the microwave is for.

We aren’t huge on cake donuts so as long as our donuts are light and a bit airy, we are easy to please. Noah’s definitely satisfied our morning cravings. The cream filled donuts had plenty of filling. The glazed was covered with the proper amount of glaze for the perfect mid-morning sugar high. The apple cinnamon roll was decent. We’ve had better ones around town but this was still a commendable effort that we easily finished off.

Reviewing donut shops is pretty tough because there isn’t much to it. Most people probably won’t like 100% of any donut shops entire selection. As long as the service is friendly, getting in and out is quick, and you can find some donuts you do like, it’s a win. Noah’s was a win.

Here’s their menu:

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4 thoughts on “Grabbing some donuts from Noah’s Donut & Coffee Shop in Haysville, KS”

  1. I live in Haysville and Love Noah’s… I’ve had Donut’s from all over Wichita and Noah’s Glazed (my favorites…glazed and chocolate long johns) and chocolate L.J.’s Rule!!!

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