Local Spotlight on Narwhal Nuggets: Freeze-dried goodies for the perfect stocking stuffer

My friends over at the blog, Just Try It, introduced me to a local home-based business called Narwhal Nuggets who make freeze-dried candy. They gave me a sample of some freeze-dried sour Skittles and after the first bite, I was hooked. I immediately reached out to them to place an order.

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Narwhal Nuggets offers something I’ve never had before. Their freeze-dried goods include saltwater taffy, Starburst minis, Skittles, Sour Skittles, Junior Mints, M&M’s, Sour Trolli worms, and more. The people who run Narwhal Nuggets are constantly putting out different freeze-dried creations. They have so many flavors of the saltwater taffy to choose from as well such as Cotton Candy, Butter Popcorn, Candy Cane, Peppermint, Caramel, Root Beer Float, and Candy Corn.

The bags of candy run $2 and the taffy bags are $3. The small handheld bags honestly make for fantastic stocking stuffers.

Knowing this would be a fun topic of conversation, I placed an order via their Facebook page for a huge variety of candies. I had different family members all try it and the opinions were all across the board.

Freeze dried candy was something totally new to everyone. We had fun trying everything out, seeing facial reactions, and trying new things. That’s the fun of food.

Many people made the mistake of immediately biting into the candy. There was some stiffness to the candy at the start but the candies quickly dissolved within seconds of putting it into your mouth. Some people loved the freeze-dried saltwater taffy but a big majority preferred the candy.

My personal favorite was the Sour Skittles followed by the Trolli worms then the Starburst minis. Everybody had one particular candy they enjoyed.

For $2-3 a bag, we felt we got our enjoyment out of each bag. I saw Narwhal Nuggets has been releasing new candy and items like mango and rainbow sherbet, so I’m going to need to reach out to them again soon!

Check them out on Facebook to learn more.

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