The Neighborhood’s Favorite Soups in Wichita

With winter officially here, we’ve moved into soup season. As many readers know, Wichita has an eclectic mix of restaurants. And with that, there are all sorts of soups out there. One thing I wanted to do was shine some light on all the soup offerings out there.

The restaurant panel, The Neighborhood, put their collective minds together to throw out some suggestions on what’s good around Wichita. As active eaters (and supporters), I asked everybody in The Neighborhood to share their favorite soups in Wichita. Here’s what everyone came up with. Enjoy!

Telehue Food (by Lisa Nguyen)

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Favorite Soups

There’s an abundance of soup dishes out there that I love, but the first three types that come to mind are Pho, Ramen, and Wonton Soup. I’m Vietnamese so eating pho was a requirement growing up and I certainly didn’t complain. There’s plenty of pho restaurants around town, but I’ll mention the most recent bowl I had which was at VietNom Nom. And you really can’t go wrong with the ramen at Sakura Japanese Cuisine. I typically get the Spicy Curry Seafood. It’ll warm you up in no time! I also recently had Wonton Soup at Next Level Cafe that I was very impressed with.

Pho from Vietnom Nom
Ramen from Sakura Japanese Cuisine

Fert The Foodie

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Favorite Soups

It’s hard to pick my top three favorite soups in Wichita when there are so many good ones to choose from. There is one soup that is my clear top favorite without a doubt, and that is the Tomato Curry with Jasmine Rice that Tanya’s Soup Kitchen serves on Fridays. I love everything about that soup, it will forever be my number one.

Tomato Curry from Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

For my next favorite soup in Wichita, I have to go with the Cream of Mushroom soup from Bella Luna Cafe. I actually had a big bowl of it for lunch today, and it reaffirmed my opinion of why it deserves to be on this list. I’ve had a lot of cream of mushroom soups in my life, but Bella Luna Cafe’s is on another level.

Cream of Mushroom soup from Bella Luna

My third favorite soup in town is the Parihuela Soup from Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant. I love the Peruvian flavors that Gabby’s cooks up, and their Parihuela Soup is downright amazing. If you are a seafood lover, you must go try this soup on a cold winter’s day.

Parihuela Soup from Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant

There’s a couple other soups I didn’t want to leave out, so here’s a few honorable mentions: The
Combination Pho from Pho Hien, the Poblano Soup from El Viejito Mexican Restaurant, the Potato Soup from Shawarma Restaurant, and the French Onion Soup from Scotch & Sirloin.

Live Local (by Troy Trussell & Darin Hackney)

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Favorite Soups

Gumbo – Sam’s Southern Eatery
Sam’s Southern Eatery serves up some meaty Louisiana style gumbo with shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra and much more!
Bun Bo Hue – Vietnom Nom

This “soup” has just the right amount of spice and is a go-to for me on a chilly day. It contains lemongrass beef broth, vermicelli noodles, and fresh herbs. Served w/ bean sprouts, limes, and jalapeños.

Bun Bo Hue from Vietnom Nom
Gumbo from Sam’s Southern Eatery

Wichita Life ICT

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Favorite Soups

I’m not the biggest soup connoisseur, but I love the egg drop soup at Cafe Asia. It helps set the tone for the rest of the delicious meal about to be had!

Just Try it

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Favorite Soups

Pho (Little Saigon & Vietnom Nom)
Miso (Wasabi)
French Onion (Georges French Bistro)

Lynn Avants

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Favorite Soups

I have gained a true appreciation for soup during the last couple of years. This appreciation may even border on an addiction at times. I have managed to keep things from getting out of control most of the time and gotten to experience many soups from around the world that I would have avoided in the past. Wichita has wide selection of restaurants that serve some fantastic soup and I have several favorites that I would like to mention.

Doo-Dah Diner (206 E Kellogg) – The Green Chile soup at Doo-Dah always takes me back to New Mexico and Colorado where Green Chile reigns supreme. They source actual Hatch Green Chile which has some spice to it. It isn’t a menu item, but their green chile sauce is and I won’t hesitate to get some ala carte and eat it as a soup. The Green Chile sauce can also be ordered as a stocked carry-out item as well.

Chuyito’s Birrieria (1415 W Pawnee) – Every meal at Chuyito’s starts with a complimentary small bowl of Mexican consume served with diced fresh onion, pickled red onion, cilantro, and lime wedges on the side. This clear broth soup is packed with flavor and has a nice spicy kick that I appreciate. The soup that keeps me coming back is served with the ‘Platillo de Birria’. It reminds me of all the flavors of taco sauce in a rich broth while remaining surprisingly mild. I have never had a soup that is quite like it and I don’t ever seem get enough.

Bann Thai (3811 W 13st N) – I am a huge fan of all hot and sour soups. My favorite is the Thai soup Tom Yum which includes fresh mushrooms, lemongrass, lime juice, chili, and your choice of either shrimp or chicken. Versions are available both with coconut milk as well. Part of the unique flavor is the use of galangal ginger. You can order it as spicy as you would like but be careful. The food is every bit as hot as described and it is even hotter in soup. I feel that this is the king of all hot and sour soups!

Green Chile from Doo-Dah Diner
Birria and consome from Chuyito’s Birrieria
Tom Yum from Bann Thai

Aaron McMullin

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Favorite Soups

Soup. Man. I admittedly do not eat enough soup. Sometimes I need something heartier than soup. But, amazingly, Wichita still has plenty of options for soups that are sure to fill you up.

La Gallette has a great cream of tomato soup. It’s thick and rich and has just the right amount of flavor.

Of course Tanya’s Soup Kitchen has to make the list. So, go try their chicken tortilla soup. It’s a perfect consistency to eat with a spoon or dip the chips that come with it. It pairs perfectly with any of their wonderful sandwiches.

Now for the top honors: my favorite soup in Wichita is the minestrone at Olive Garden. Hands down….*Smirking, trying not to laugh* OKAY! You got me. My favorite soup is OBVIOUSLY at Cinnamon’s Deli and that would be the tomato bisque. So perfect in one of their bread bowls and paired with the grilled cheese or cranky turkey. Goodness. What a way to spend a cold winter day.

Wichita By E.B.

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Favorite Soups

Where do I start? So many good soups named earlier and I wanted to choose ones that weren’t mentioned earlier.

Let’s start with the Bò Kho which is a Vietnamese beef stew with french bread found at Thao’s Bistro. It’s a rich, heavy comfort food that is surprisingly intense with flavors. You think pho is great on a winter day? Give this one a try. Thao’s Bistro loads in the beef and supplies you with bread to dip in the broth.

Carne en su Jugo is a traditional Mexican recipe popular in Jalisco and Guadalajara. Typically, the beef is slow cooked in water to create a flavorful stock. A blend of cilantro, chiles, onions, garlic and spices are added to the beef with all it’s stock and cooked until tender. Beans are added towards the end’ then it’s garnished with cilantro, onion, radishes and avocado. The one below is from Taqueria Altena.

First bite in, I was hooked and knew I was in for a treat. It tasted similar to chicken tortilla soup but way more flavorful. Everything from the aroma, the small spicy kick and the mixture of all the ingredients really blew my mind.

Taqueria Altena
Carne en su Jugo from Taqueria Altena

The Caldo 7 Mares at Mariscos Cheli aka 7 seas soup includes fish, shrimp, mussels, crab legs, scallops, calamari, and squid. Basically, it is a seafood soup that included seven different types of seafood.

The picture doesn’t really do the size justice. There was so much seafood in the bowl of soup that I knew it would be impossible to finish. It was like Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan hit a big haul and dumped it all into my bowl. The broth was very flavorful and surprisingly didn’t have that really fishy taste to it. Most of the seafood like the shrimp, scallops and fish were nice big chunks.

Mariscos Cheli
Caldo 7 Mares from Mariscos Cheli

There’s so many ore soups I wanted to name but we tried to limit it at three. There’s chicken noodle soup which is my favorite of the traditional American soups, gumbo, pho, ramen, tomato bisque, and more. But those are the three I’m recommending and sticking with.

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