Professional eater completes the Level 14 ramen challenge at Xing Xing

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience with eating the spicy level 7 ramen at Xing Xing. It was a painful experience and one I’m not sure I’d do again. When I released the blog, many people came forward with their experiences about completing level 7.

Not long after, Xing Xing upped the challenge and doubled the heat. They released their 14th level ramen. They even offered a cash reward for anybody who completed it. The reward started at $100 and increased each time someone failed. Recently, it was $500 but that has now dropped back down to zero after someone finally completed the challenge.

Professional eater Brandon Clark aka Da Garbage Disposal out of Missouri stopped into Wichita and devoured the roughly 3lb dish in the allotted 15 minutes he was given. He posted his results over the weekend and will have a video of his experience at Xing Xing drop around January 7.

If you think you have what it takes, the restaurant at 1920 E. Pawnee is waiting for you. It cost $30 to do the challenge and you have 15 minutes.

People have asked me multiple times to give it a try, simply to laugh at my pain. I thought about it for a second but then realized I have a daughter to raise and there’s a current limit on toilet paper purchasing.

For more on the challenge or to sign up, check out Xing Xing on Facebook.

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