Reviewing China Cafe in Haysville, KS

I felt like taking a small drive outside of Wichita to visit a restaurant I’ve never been to. We were feeling Chinese food and looking through my directory, I settled upon China Cafe in Haysville, KS. They are a small locally owned Chinese restaurant with a simpler menu than many other similar quick-service places in Wichita.

125 Anita Dr.
Haysville, KS 67060

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm

Cash Only

There were a few tables set up inside China Cafe but they were all closed off. The restaurant was carryout only.

Everything on the menu looked very affordable and reasonable. There were lunch specials for under $5, so I settled on the pepper steak meal which came with rice and an egg roll. I also ordered a combination lo mein which included beef, chicken and shrimp. For the kids, we ordered some chicken fried rice. Everything came up to $18…. cash only.

The meals came out quickly, and I was on my way.

Of all the meals we ordered, the best was the pepper steak. So many quick-service Chinese restaurants around town stuff their versions with loads of onions. There was a better balance of ingredients with China Cafe’s. I really loved the sauce that the peppers, onions and steak was swimming in; it just made the dish. It had a salty-sweet flavor that made me want to grab a soup spoon and drink it. I ended up grabbing some extra fried rice and dumping it in the sauce.

The fried rice wasn’t all that bad too. There was a grilled smokiness to it that stuck out with each bite.

Unfortunately, the lo mein was the worst of the three. It was an incredibly oily dish that didn’t have much flavor to it. The dish came off pretty bland. Luckily, my daughter didn’t mind and finished the rest of it off for us.

Most of what we had was pretty good. For the most part we liked what we had and didn’t feel as if it was a waste of a drive. The portion sizes weren’t all that crazy especially when compared to other similar restaurants. But for what it all was, China Cafe was a decent option; probably much better than the Great Wall just down the street.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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6 thoughts on “Reviewing China Cafe in Haysville, KS”

  1. We’ve been a Loyal customer of China Cafe for the last 4 yrs. Well since we moved to Haysville. We first tried the The Great Wall. Does not even compare to our Little China Cafe in taste and friendship we’ve developed over the past 4 yrs. They are VERY personable couple. We WILL continue supporting their BUSINESS.
    Thank YOU for visiting our small but, Larger than LIFE community.
    This has been the Small Community I’ve looked for most of Life. They ALL really do care , FOR Us All.

  2. Try the triple delight! I worked for Frank when he was across the street and had a mexican food menu also. They use quality meat and are greatnfornthe price.

  3. I have lived in haysville for 6 years, and I make a trip to China cafe at least once a week. Frank the owner is a great guy and always has friendly smile and welcomes everyone. Him and his wife run the business by themselves so on a busy nights wait times may be a little longer. To comment on the lo mien above something I order every week, should you make the trip again, order it spicy and and a little of the rice to it. It’s fantastic. I will definitely have to try the peppered steak now.

  4. Only ate their once. Had long grey hair in two of our three styrofoam plates. Never went back, couldn’t stomach the whole hair thing.

  5. I have been eating for years at Frank’s. He’s a great guy I love their chickennchop suey. And portions…I never can finish money so I have a two meals. And when i go back to Haysville that is the first place i call to have delivered. My family love it.

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