What small Kansas towns is Wichita By E.B. headed to in 2021?

While visiting the restaurants and food trucks in Wichita will always be a priority for me, 2021 will be bringing some changes. Some of those changes will be discussed in a State of the Union style blog that talks about where I’d like to take this blog. For instance, there will be a small shift in writing more about more non-food related businesses.

There are a ton of great local shops and things to do in Wichita that go uncovered. For instance, I walked into a store called Aspen Boutique to pick up a gift card over Christmas. It’s a store I’ve driven by so many times but never been to. Now I’m not their demographic but just walking inside and hearing a small bit of their history was cool. It’s small things like this that deserve to be shared with Wichita.

Aside from that I plan on hitting the road more in the new year. Since I’ve been to every single restaurant in Wichita, I need some fresh faces to visit. While I love to dine out in Wichita and found so many places I love, the desire to explore restaurants I’ve never been to is the biggest passion. The only way to achieve that is to hop on the highways, interstates and dirt roads to explore Kansas.

This past month, I’ve visited any restaurants located within an hour drive from town. It’s been so fun to talk to the locals and see how the small-town mom-and-pop shops operate. I want more of it. I asked on my Facebook page for suggestions. Furthermore, I narrowed it down to 15 different restaurants in 15 different cities to spread the love. Here’s where I’m headed to next year.

  • Carolyn’s Essenhaus (Arlington, KS)
  • Kristy’s Kafe (Anthony, KS)
  • Kilroy’s Pizza (Sedgwick, KS)
  • Coneburg Grill and Pub (Peabody, KS)
  • Houdini’s Pizza (Kingman, KS)
  • Noffy’s Sandwich Shop (McPherson, KS)
  • Hampton’s Restaurant (El Dorado, KS)
  • Boss Hog’s BBQ (Winfield, KS)
  • Redz Restaurant (Norwich, KS)
  • Luigi’s Italian Restaurant (Winfield, KS)
  • Beaumont Hotel (Beaumont, KS)
  • Red Rooster Cafe (Harper, KS)
  • Amy’s Pizza Place (Mulvane, KS)
  • Triangle Restaurant (Douglas, KS)
  • Getaway Lounge (Garden Plain, KS)

I received so many suggestions; tons that were well beyond an hour. To make the list somewhat manageable and easier to accomplish, I tried to keep those drives around an hour or less. Plus I’m really just one guy doing all this on the side so time is always limited.

Anyway, that’s the list. I’m going to try as hard as I can to make it to all 15 over the course of the new year. I cannot wait and hope you can virtually join me on my journey across small-town Kansas.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “What small Kansas towns is Wichita By E.B. headed to in 2021?”

  1. If you have the time and get a chance while you are in Garden Plain. Go across the street on the corner to The Other Place.

    This place has great food, great comradeship, and a great beer garden to boot. It is also home base for the famous food truck The Underdog. Friday and Saturday evenings are best. You can find out more details about them on FB.

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