Tour-amisu di Tiramisu: Ranking the Best Tiramisu in Wichita (Part 2)

With seven tiramisu out of the way, that leaves us with 28 left to rank.

Up next are the 13 that missed the cut to make the top 15. In alphabetical order, I present to you the next set of tiramisu that fell outside the top 15.

Missed The Cut

Angelo’s Italian Restaurant
Aria Bakery
Cafe Maurice
Chester’s Chophouse & Wine Bar
Il Vicino
Knolla’s Pizza
Larkspur Bistro & Bar
Olive Garden
Old Spaghetti Factory
Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria
Todd Brian’s Brick Street Cafe
Vora Restaurant European

That leaves us with 15 tiramisu who stood out as our favorites in the Tour-amisu di Tiramisu. Find out in the Part 3 of the blog.

Happy Dining

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