Tour-amisu di Tiramisu: Ranking the Best Tiramisu in Wichita (Part 3)

With twenty different types of tiramisu marked off, it’s time to unveil the much anticipated Top 15 Tiramisu in Wichita. These are the ones that stuck out for us as the best. Ranking tiramisu was extremely hard. I think if 100 people were to try 30+ different tiramisu, their order would all be different.

But since we were crazy enough to actually do it, spend the money, travel all over the Wichita area, here’s what we voted as our Top 15 Tiramisu in Wichita.

The Top 15

15.) Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

14.) Bella Vita Bistro

Bella Vita Bistro

13.) N&J Cafe

N&J Cafe

12.) Siena Tuscan Steakhouse

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse

11.) Metro Bistro

Metro Bistro

10.) Marchello’s Restaurant

Marchello’s Restaurant

9.) Bagatelle Bakery

Bagatelle Bakery

8.) Le Monde Cafe & Deli

Le Monde Cafe & Deli

7.) La Galette French Bakery & Deli

La Galette French Bakery & Deli

6.) Savute’s Italian Ristorante

Savute’s Italian Ristorante

5.) Mediterranean Grill

Mediterranean Grill

4.) DeFazio’s


3.) Bella Luna Cafe

Bella Luna

2.) Napoli Italian Eatery

Napoli Italian Eatery

1.) Albero Cafe

Albero Cafe

We actually returned to Albero Cafe a second time for tiramisu just to make sure we loved it. On the second visit, we understood it was doctored with some chocolate which wasn’t uncommon for many places. Even aside from that, we just loved everything about it from being served at the right temperature (some places had theirs nearly frozen… bad sign), there was an even balance of flavors, and simply put, our taste buds made the call.

I’m sure there were tiramisu that missed our top 15 but probably made yours. Then there are some people who are upset and angry. My comment to them is go spend the couple hundred dollars I did to make this Tour-amisu di Tiramisu happen for yourself. Everybody can say they know which one is best but until you actually go out and try them all, it’s an incomplete assessment.

I’ll say that this was all probably overkill. We finished the tour much quicker than I anticipated. There were days we were going out for 2-3 at once. I received so many strange looks going in just for tiramisu. There were even times I probably wasn’t dressed correctly for certain restaurants and would get these “strange you must be homeless looks”. But aside from that, I’ll be taking some time off from tiramisu. I’ve completed such tours as burgers and pho and will now have to figure out what crazy tour to complete next. It may be 6-10 months until I can muster up the energy to drive all over town for just one dish again. Going from all corners of Wichita to Derby, Mulvane, and Andover was pretty tiring.

Of course, I say this and will likely eat tiramisu at the next restaurant that makes it available.

Happy Dining

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2 thoughts on “Tour-amisu di Tiramisu: Ranking the Best Tiramisu in Wichita (Part 3)”

  1. I haven’t had but about 1/4 of them, but I’d agree with the order that you ranked them for the ones I have had (and you are right about how hard it can be to make it yourself).

    Great job, Eddy.

    ps–after all the sweets, maybe a salad ranking next? lol.

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