Brandon Clark, aka Da Garbage Disposal, is a professional eater from Missouri who now resides in Memphis, TX arrived in Wichita to compete in the spicy ramen level 14 challenge at Rice & Roll by Xing Xing.

Earlier this year, Xing Xing set up a jackpot challenge, where you pay $30 to complete their 3 lb plate of extremely spicy ramen within 15 minutes. Every time someone failed, the dish price went towards the jackpot. When Da Garbage Disposal made it to Wichita, the jackpot was at $500.

The professional eater who has completed all sorts of challenges like mega omelettes, 50 lb pizzas, pho challenges, 9lb burgers, and more successfully finished the challenge with minutes to spare. I took three bites of the level 7 spicy and tapped out. So, I applaud him for finishing level 14. I can’t even imagine what the car ride home to Memphis was like. My guess…. windows down.

Given the popularity of the announcement of his completion, Da Garbage Disposal was willing to upload his video a month earlier on his YouTube channel. Watch and take notes:

I spoke to Da Garbage Disposal directly. He told me he usually sets up his trips so he can knock out multiple challenges over the course of his road trips. I plan to stay in touch with him and hope to have him put Wichita on his plans for a return visit.

For more on the challenge or to sign up, check out Xing Xing on Facebook.

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