Wichita’s nine restaurant gems that are truly HIDDEN

What’s your definition of a hidden gem?

A quick google search shows that Hidden gems is an idiom which means something which is extremely outstanding and not many people may know about.

Let’s take it a step further and focus on the word hidden. There are some delicious dining options out there which are truly unable to be seen by the naked eye if you’re driving by. They are hidden or tucked away in a building, grocery store, flea market, gas station, whatever.

If you’re looking to build a new list of real HIDDEN gems to check out, start right here:

Chebaro Mediterranean Grill – 12727 E Central Ave
Tucked away inside a Jumpstart gas station on east Central, Chebaro serves delicious Mediterranean food from one of the friendliest cooks I’ve ever met. (Review)

Mars Mart – 1802 E 13th St. N
There’s a convenience store called Mars Mart on east 13th street and way in the back, you’ll find a little counter that is dishing out big portion sizes of fried food like chicken and shrimp. (Review)

Asia Bazaar – 6100 E 21st St. N Ste 300
In the back of Asia Bazaar is a little cafe that is only open on the weekends. They dish out Indian and Mediterranean food served by the pound. Check this one out for sure! (Review)

Jimenez Tacos – 2787 S Roosevelt St.
Roosevelt St. or its intersecting street of Ross Parkway isn’t a path 99% of Wichita will drive through unless they happen to live in Plainview. But at the corner, you’ll find one of the best little Mexican restaurants dishing out tacos, burritos and some mighty fine elote. (Review)

Tlaxcaltena Candy – 2445 S Seneca
Walk towards the back of the Westway Marketplace flea market on the weekends and you’ll be taken to a delicious world of Mexican candies, seafood and other phenomenal creations to satisfy your taste buds. (Review)

Grace Market

Grace Market – 1030 Oliver St.
Who doesn’t love Korean food? While there are some awesome places to go for it, your bucket list of Korean dining has to include Grace Market Kitchen which is located inside the Grace Market grocery store in Parklane. (Review)

Hot Potato Bar – 7700 E Kellogg Dr.
A mention of Towne West is only fair if I bring up a spot inside Towne East as well. People, this place specializes in potatoes! (Review)

El Rio Bravo Supermarket – 2501 S Seneca St.

One of the more recent additions to Wichita is a supermarket called El Rio Bravo. There’s a ‘cocina’ in the back that has all sorts of great Mexican food at a great price. Plus the people there are so friendly. (Review)

Gotta Stop BBQ – 5600 W MacArthur Rd
It would be remiss of me if I left out a big time reader favorite. Gotta Stop BBQ is only available on Thursdays at the Gotta Stop gas station. It’s been one of the highly recommended hidden gems from many readers. (Review)

Am I missing any other HIDDEN gems tucked away somewhere? Let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, enjoy some great food!

Happy Dining,

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15 thoughts on “Wichita’s nine restaurant gems that are truly HIDDEN”

  1. Caesar’s table. 125 North market. Excellent food, excellent variety, wonderful value. $12 all-you-can-eat buffet smorgasbord includes drink.

  2. Saigon Restaurant at 10th and Broadway. Excellent drip coffee and food. Don’t go to Little Saigon. That place was not good

  3. Laura A Christner

    In back of the Flying Eagle Truck Stop at 3405 S. West Street is a homemade Mexican restaurant. I don’t believe they have a name. It is delicious!

  4. Cafe Asia off Woodlawn & Central. The food is fresh and is ran by the sweetest couple. I’ve had everything there, and completely satisfied! Big portions and fair pricing
    Go there once and they’ll remember you and what your ordered last time. The BEST customer service anyone could ask for.

  5. Tutu’s Teriyaki 1212 S Tyler Rd # 100, sits behind the Circle K gas station at the east end of the strip mall. Great food and prices

  6. Bocco Deli. Best sandwich shop in Wichita. @Eddy…have you done a “Wichita’s Best Sandwich” article before? Cheers!

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