The answers to Wichita’s most asked food questions

I get tons of questions on a weekly basis that encompass an array of the dining options in town. Many of these questions can be found often in the variety of Wichita restaurant related Facebook groups. Let’s face it, using the search feature is a lot to ask of people sometimes. So, what I wanted to do was gather many of those frequently asked questions, find some answers and place them in a neatly some-what organized blog.

Here you go.

I’m looking to reserve a private room at a restaurant for my party?

Hey, we got you covered! Here’s a list of private room options in Wichita with the pricing, seating capacity and more!

Wichita Private Rooms Options

Any cheap Taco Tuesday options?

We have a list for that as well! It also includes many of the great taco deals that aren’t on Tuesday.

Wichita’s Guide to Taco Tuesday Deals and More

Where can I get bottomless mimosas in town?

Unfortunately, the laws here prevent restaurants and bars from offering that. One of the closest options available is at Rain where you can do a bucket of mimosas for $15.

Best street tacos in town? And go!

You’re bound to get so many suggestions for this question. Here’s a list of some popular options around town worth checking out:

Who can make me some cocoa bombs?

99.9% of all bakeries and home-bakers offer cocoa bombs. Ask any one of them and they’ll be able to accommodate.

Where can I get some birria tacos?

Here are some options for you:

Where can I get soup dumplings in town?

No restaurant in town offers soup dumplings.

You might be thinking to yourself that you’ve seen soup dumplings in town. Those are likely dumpling soups where the dumplings are placed in soup. Soup dumplings are dumplings with the broth inside the dumpling.

What are some gluten-free places in town?

If you head over to the Wichita By E.B. Food & Booze Directory, you can filter by ‘Gluten Free’ along with other food allergy categories.

What places offer brunch?

If you head over to the Wichita By E.B. Food & Booze Directory, you can filter by ‘Sunday Brunch’.

I’m thinking about going to (insert restaurant), should I go?

If you’re thinking about going, there’s already some intrigue for you. I’d highly recommend just giving it a try if you are considering it. Don’t let one other person’s opinion make or break your decision.

My anniversary is coming up. Where should I go for dinner?

If you’re looking for a romantic date night spot, here are 10 restaurants worth checking out.

When are we getting a Cheesecake Factory?

We will get a Cheesecake Factory the day I hit the Powerball.

And Go…..

Where am I going? Why does everyone always say ‘And Go’?

Happy Dining,

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