Bagel Haus Revisited

I was out west one morning and wanted to revisit a little spot at 13th and Tyler that I’ve always been impressed with: Bagel Haus. To be completely honesty, I’m not much of a bagel person but that doesn’t stop me from stopping by every once in a while.

8641 W 13th St. N
Wichita, KS 67212

Monday: 6am – 1pm
Tuesday – Friday: 6:30am – 1pm
Saturday: 7am – 12:30pm
Closed on Sunday

Website | Facebook

Cash/Card Accepted

I’m my most recent visit to Bagel Haus, I noticed they were only providing drive-thru service due to COVID-19.

I drove behind Tyler Pointe shopping center to find the drive thru entrance to Bagel Haus. Once I made my way to the window, I was handed a menu to glance through.

It took me a while to decide but I eventually went with one of their bagel sandwiches. The Lox on an everything bagel included cured salmon, red onion, capers and plain schmear sounded delicious.

As I was saying earlier, I’m not much of a bagel person let alone a bagel sandwich person. But for some reason, anytime I’m near 13th and Tyler for breakfast, this comes to mind.

Their Lox sandwich had plenty of salmon over the top. Fish of any sort may not sound appealing to some people for breakfast but it worked out here. The plain schmear really toned down the flavor of the salmon to give it a heavier comfort food appeal. There was still a noticeable vibrant salmon aftertaste but one that didn’t overpower the meal.

All in all it was a delicious bagel sandwich and an offering you don’t find around town too often.

The ladies working inside work quick to have everything made and get me going on to the rest of the day. While their pizza bagel sandwich remains my favorite and not on their regular menu, the Lox was a very suitable alternative on my latest stop.

Here’s their menu:

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