Grabbing Cajun food from Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen in Kansas City, KS

My travels around Kansas took me to the northeast part of the state. We were out in the Legends area with family and wanted to grab a bite to eat. I put a feeler out on my Foodie Friends Facebook group and one of the most recommended restaurants to visit was Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen.

Jazz is a chain of Cajun restaurants with five locations in Missouri, Kansas and Texas.

1859 Village West Pkwy #102
Kansas City, KS 66111

Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm

Website | Facebook

Cash/Card Accepted

Even though we were with family, we were able to escape for a quick date night dinner where we started with a Typhoon and a Hurricane.

From there, we were given some complimentary bread and butter which had some creole seasoning of some sort mixed in. We didn’t dabble in the bread too much knowing we had a full dinner ahead of us.

For our appetizers, we ordered the Voodoo Crawfish Tails which were crawfish tails beer-battered and tossed in their spicy Voodoo sauce. Wings were on special so we ordered six of their Voodoo wings.

The Voodoo sauce offered a sweet heat that was rather addicting. The crawfish tails were the best of the appetizers. It was like eating popcorn shrimp. The wings however were average. While we enjoyed the Voodoo sauce, the wings weren’t all that meaty and tiny.

For dinner, I went with the crawfish Étouffée because apparently I couldn’t get enough crawfish that evening. A big scoop of gumbo was placed in the middle of the dish. Every bite kept me coming back for more. The crawfish tail meat was sautéed in a spicy dark roux. There was an intense smoky and savory flavor to it.

Megan went with the Seafood St. Charles which contained a hint of coconut, shrimp, scallops, crawfish & crab meat with a scoop of red beans and rice. Basically, it was the entire contents of the fridge dumped into one rich dish. It was a heavy filling dish that left her extremely satisfied and full by the end of the night.

Seafood St. Charles
Crawfish Étouffée

As much as we wanted dessert, there was no room to be had. Between the drinks, appetizers and our main entrées, we were close to crawling out the door. Big props to our server as well who did an amazing job throughout the night.

When discussing Cajun food, there’s always talk about authenticity. For us, we just wanted food that tasted good and that’s exactly what we got.

They did not have paper menus out. There were QR codes placed at the table for our phones to scan to look at the menu which you can view here.

Happy Dining,

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