Heading out to Douglass, KS to try Triangle Restaurant

My daughter and I finally made the drive out to Douglass, KS. Triangle Restaurant was on my list of small-town restaurants to visit for the year and ended up being the first one to cross off. Douglass, KS is just under 30 miles southeast from Wichita which made for an easy drive.

326 S Forrest St.
Douglass, KS 67039

Tuesday – Saturday: 6am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Cash Only

I took SW 210th street most of the way where there was very little traffic. In about 30 minutes, we arrived to Douglass, KS for our first time.

Triangle Restaurant is your prototypical small-town cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner staples. There is even some Mexican options to choose from which came highly recommended from my waitress.

Near every item on the menu was under $8.45 which made for an affordable visit. After glancing through everything, we wanted to try a couple of different items so we ordered the roast pork & dressing Saturday special along with the enchilada. My daughter reminded me that she wanted her favorite dish of all time, chicken strips and fries so I went with that as well to appease her.

All the food came out in a very timely manner.

The roast pork was the exactly what I needed that day. Each slice was tender, thin enough to nearly melt in my mouth and covered in gravy as were the mashed potatoes. When it comes to gravy, I’m a huge dark brown gravy fan. I love the rich meaty base flavor it offers. There was a beautiful aroma to the dish that slapped my senses silly. It was comfort food at its finest.

The enchilada was stuffed with plenty of beef. I’m not quite sure the picture does it justice but it wasn’t some thin, flat enchilada that was rushed. No sir. There was a lot going on and they were generous with the enchilada sauce which was a good thing. I loved cutting each bite and using my fork to smother each bite with more sauce.

Meanwhile, there was my daughter just sitting there the whole time chomping away at the fries. The chicken strips were still hot and she had no problems letting me know with one of her newly discovered words, “hot”. By the time the chicken was at a temperature to her liking, she was full from fries and let me know that I had to take the chicken strips home for her to dine on later. When I say let me know, I really meant her pushing my hands away every time I tried to hand her some chicken.

Every single person who walked into Triangle Restaurant was a regular. You could tell from the friendly banter and jokes that went on between staff and guests. There were some fun snarky exchanges that made me laugh. You know when you’re really close with someone, you can give them a hard time in good fun. That was it. I loved it.

The service was spot on all afternoon and everyone there was very kind. It did catch me off guard that it was a cash only restaurant as it wasn’t something I saw before going in. Fortunately, I had some cash on me so that is something to definitely be aware of should you go.

Triangle Restaurant was another win for me and can’t wait to see where my travels take me next.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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5 thoughts on “Heading out to Douglass, KS to try Triangle Restaurant”

  1. Yes it has great food and good prices as well as portions, but it is just filthy and even in the kitchen, the menu are dirty, the tables are dirty,, and there is something black growing up the wall in the kitchen . This worries me about coming when I eat there. So yes it is a small town I now I grew up there and the Triangle has not been updated in 30 years. They don’t even were mask or clean there hands after each transaction.

  2. I used to go there with friends 20+ years ago. Always loved it. Had to get a slice of coconut cream, too. Thanks for such a good review. Now I need to get the friends together and go back for a good meal

  3. Judy E Tillemans

    Since the review of Triangle in Douglass, Ks has been circulating on Facebook this week. I thought you’d like to meet the woman responsible for their delicious Mexican food.
    This is my grandma Angela Anstasia (Gonzales) Garcia. Born in Aguascalientes, Mexico in 1914. She married Ignacio (Shorty) Garcia at a young age and moved to Douglass, Ks. Grandpa worked for the railroad and Grandma was a cook in Douglass and Augusta restaurants. They lived most of their lives on Pecan street but eventually moved to Augusta.
    Growing up I can remember her rolling out the tortillas in her kitchen, running around in their huge garden and exploring in my grandpa’s garage. Every year, during the Douglass Wrestling Invitational, my family would use one of the buildings in downtown Douglass to feed all of the Augusta wrestlers and their families her famous Montereys. Where they are still being served in Douglass to this day.
    She lived to be 96 years old. by Darla Garcia

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